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  1. NigelandElaine


    hi all you lovely people if your going for residency permit have your e visa hard copy with you
  2. NigelandElaine

    RP applications

    Just heard that Bodrum police not accepting health insurance cover from any other company than a Turkish company for applications for residency permits. Anyone else had that trouble or can someone inform me of a good but inexpensive one they are accepting?
  3. NigelandElaine

    Yalikavak sunset

    from our house last year can any country beat that! NO
  4. NigelandElaine

    car purchase in Turkey without residence permit?

    Hi all, can some one advise if without a residency permit we can buy and own a car?
  5. NigelandElaine

    log term car hire

    Hi happy new year to all forum members can anyone recommend a car hire company in yali area for 75 day rental period please? small car only needed.
  6. NigelandElaine

    car purchase

    does anyone know of a car that will be sold from may onwards ? or where are the best deals to be had from a garage? we are just looking for a good reliable run around. Or anyone selling a reliable moped?
  7. NigelandElaine

    internet and tv

    Hi all, can anyone please recommend an internet provider for our house in Gundogan. we are not there all year round so would ideally pay only monthly but if needed a yearly contract would surfice? cheers.
  8. NigelandElaine

    evisa Turkey scam (avoid

    Ladies and gents, I have just been conned by a firm that looks like the real Turkey visa website, it appears right on the top of the search engine. They have charged me £55 on my credit card, please be careful!!!!!!!!
  9. NigelandElaine

    Leather sofa

    please ,does anyone know where we can buy a new leather sofa settee in the bodrum,yali,gundogan area?
  10. NigelandElaine


    We are over on 3 June and need to buy a washing machine a couch and bedroom furniture. Can anyone tell me best place to go for bargains :-) thanks
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