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  1. Dreamy

    Run an Internet Business from Turkey without working permission?

    I wonder, can foreigners open internet stores, or do you need a working permission first?
  2. Dreamy

    Working within real estate in Turkey?

    Hi again I have contacted some Norwegian real estate companies to find out about the possibilities of working there. Does anyone have any experience with that type of jobs? Can you survive on the salary? I don`t have any plans to become rich, I just want to live in Alanya and be able to feed...
  3. Dreamy

    Renting a flat with pets?

    I have heard that it sometimes is a little difficult to rent a home in Turkey if you are a foreigner? If so - what is your experience? I am thinking back and forth about renting or buying.. but think that maybe renting would be the best in the first place, to see how it feels. But, the...
  4. Dreamy

    Divorcing in Turkey with children

    Just curious about what is happening with the children in a family if there is a divorce in Turkey? If a foreign woman marries a turk... then they have kids and later divorce.. who gets to keep the children?
  5. Dreamy

    Alanya in the beginning of may?

    Someone else travelling to Alanya early in may? :)
  6. Dreamy

    New member

    Hello everyone! I am a positive girl from Norway. Love Turkey and Alanya. Would love to end up there one day :) I am here to hear Your experiences, to learn more about Turkey and to hopefully get some answers to all of my million questions ;) Wish you all a great night - and have to say that...
  7. Dreamy

    Opening a store in Turkey without work permit?

    I read so much about working permittion. In the same time there are foreigners who owns stores? At least it looks like it. If I was to open a clothing store - what would the rules be if I dont have the permittion to work? Some says that I can be there, choose the clothes and stay around as long...
  8. Dreamy

    Social worker job in Turkey - possibilities?

    I am a sosial worker, and would love to work With counselling etc in Alanya. How is the market and possibilities for this - does anyone know? I think f.ex to work With foreigners or tourists.
  9. Dreamy

    Moving to Turkey with dog?

    Hi again, I am thinking about moving to Alanya, and know that it is really hot there during summer. I have a Leonberger. They are giant dogs With lots of fur. Does anyone have any experience With something like this? Can it work if he gets to swim and maybe stay indoor With air condition...
  10. Dreamy

    Living in Alanya?

    Hello everyone! Is there anyone here who lives permanently in Alanya? If so.. how do you like it, what is better than Your own country, and what feels worse? Was it hard to make the decition? I really want to move there, but I am concerned about work f.ex.
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