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    Overstay charges

    My STRP expired on 20 Sept 2020 and although a renewal application was lodged on 18 Sept and now the earliest date for appointment is mid November. I have to leave on 5 November so will abandon the residency but has anyone paid the overstay charge when leaving.
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    Kimlik number

    Does anyone know how to check a Kimlik number from from my residence permit?
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    New rental rules for 2018

    According to a local accountant in Kalkan, from 2018 everyone renting a property for holiday lets in Kalkan will need to account for their rental income on a "commercial" rather than "personal" basis. This entails setting up a basic/small business which can be set up for approx 600-700tl. The...
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    Pork products supplier

    Our pork supplier in Kalkan is running his stock down. Can anyone advise if there is a shop in Fethiye selling pork.
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    Overhanging trees

    We have a dispute with a neighbour about overhanging trees encroaching into our land. The trees also block our view. Whilst I understand that there is no god given right about having a view, just wondered if a similar law exists here like in UK where anything overhanging on our side can be cut off.
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    Footbridge in Calis beach

    Can anyone on the ground in Calis tell me if the footbridge over the waterway is accessible to a powered buggy. Does it have ramps or steps?. My disable friend is staying this year at Club E instead of Mutlu and is concerned she may have to go up to the road crossing. Thks.
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    Is Fethiye a port of entry?

    Can a 180 day visa be obtained when entering from Rhodes?
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    Unlicenced transfer vehicles

    In the Fethiye Times website recently, they are discussing the clampdown on unlicenced transfer vehicles entering Dalaman airport. When we left a few weeks ago, there was already a long queue at the first gate. Has anyone any first hand experience on this from the past two weeks? - and does it...
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    Just a quick note from Kalkan - our friends were again visited by burglars in the night two nights ago. Actually in the bedroom which is a bit scary. So make sure your properties are secure.
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    Travel to Altinkum

    Does anyone have an idea of the mileage and therefore the time needed to travel by car to Altinkum from Kalkan.
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