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    single use pin

    could anyone know the problem is i am in ireland and i cant receive the single use pin for my bank account from the garanti bank and i am using the same tel number except that i got a new phone
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    Garanti bank e-mail address

    has anyone got an email address for the garanti bbva bank in kusadasi
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    bank savings interest rates

    what are the interest rates on savings in the garanti bank at the moment for turkish lira for 12 months
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    english and irish

    where is the most popular place to find the English and irish in kusadasi in the night time and would anyone have the name of a good night club and finally where is the best shop to get my eyes tested ant get glasses
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    would anyone be able to tell me what is interest rates on savings in Turkish lira at the garanti bank for a 12 month period thanks:Flower:
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    printer ink

    does anyone know a shop in kusadasi that would fill ink cartridges instead of having to buy a new one for a printer
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    tv for sale

    regal tv 26 inch not flat screen never used 350 tl
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    shop unit for sale

    shop unit for sale 200 mtrs from sea front it is currently let on a yearly basis the size is 162 mtrs square it has the height inside to build an apartment also it has a nice terrace in front and apartments overhead and shop units at both sides and shop units at other side of street a lovely...
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    apartment for sale

    3 bedroomed apartment for sale in kusadasi fully furnished and air condition bus passing outside the front gate 10 minutes walk to centrum shop 200 mtrs away it has a lovely pool it has sea and pool views and tw lovely balconys it is 120 mtrs square or about 1100 sq feet it is a real family...
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    street sellers

    do the turkish sellers of perfume and aftershave need a licence to sell on the streets as they are very abusive and ignorant when you dont buy
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    is there any place in kusadasi that would store a scooter for the winter months at a reasonable cost thanks
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    online banking

    is it possible to change the phone number that you gave the bank for online banking at a turkish atm machine or to add a new number thanks in advance
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    orient bar

    where in kusadasi is the orient bar please
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    turkish phone

    anyone got a turkish phone for sale that will work on a turkcell sim
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    will vhi health insurance be ok to renew residency thanks
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    Location of tax office in Kusadasi?

    is there a tax office in kusadasi where i can pay tax on rental income
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    Reactivate a Turkish Phone Sim card?

    my turkish phone sim ran out of date is there any way of re activating it without getting a new number it is turkcell thanks
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    social welfare

    how come there is no social welfare or dole in turkey like ireland in ireland you get 200 euro dole and 250 euro stamps if you are unemployed which is 560 tl and 700tl there are some people in turkey in a bad state i have seen people searching the bins for food is there anything that can be...
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    Turkish residency question

    i got one year residency permit in December before I came home to Ireland I am going to turkey in july is my residency ok or should I buy a visa online thanks for anyone that can help me
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    phone top up

    is there any way of topping up internet and phone sim online from Ireland I will be away for more than 6 months I am with turkcell in kusadasi thanks:82kz:
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