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    Waiter annoyances

    The waitering issue doesn't bother me usually. When it happens in Gumbet, it can be the straw that broke the camel's back for me sometimes šŸ˜¢ My latest solution for the constant harassment to drop in for a drink or meal has been to wear headphones šŸ˜Š The clothes shop / perfume sellers, can still...
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    Waiter annoyances

    Turkish waiters need to chillax. If they are obsessively watching customers for the first / slightest indication that the food / drink may be finished, it just spoils the atmosphere. If they are being micro-managed to this degree by their bosses, then it is counter-productive. It seems more...
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    Waiter annoyances

    Great to be back in Bodrum again in hopefully a brave, new, post-Covid world. One minor annoying habit I see in Gumbet & Bitez hotels, bars and restaurants, is the constant badgering by waiters to clear your table. If you leave your table for a moment, they are immediately pouncing on cutlery...
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    Bodrum - Rhodes return ferry in April?

    Hi all, Iā€™m flying over to Bodrum second week of April for 2 weeks. Iā€™m hoping to go to Rhodes for a week and my hotel in Rhodes will want specific reservation dates. Do you know if there are any ferries and price operating at this time of year? I bought a Bodrum - Kos return ticket a...
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    Delays in getting TAPU

    Hi All, I have physical possession of my off-plan appartment but am still waiting on the deeds for over 1.5yrs now. I have already paid 2,500 euros to Kazmaz solicitiors in Bodrum to pursue it for me and they seem to be getting nowhere. I reasoned the delay were due to the recent changes in...
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    Title deeds question

    Hi, I bought an appartment off-plan in Bodrum area. I got the keys last year and the first of the title deeds (kat irtifaki title) have finally arrived. The second title deed (kat mulkiyeti title) for the development will not be available for at least 3-4 months so I won't be getting the...
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