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    unique villa with sea view near Datca

    Unique 3 bed 2 bath detached villa near Datca. Fabulous Sea and mountain views, away from the crowds but 10 mins to the supermarket and 15 mins to the beach by car. Air con to sitting room and bedrooms. Quality fixtures and fittings by local craftsman. Double glazed terrace room , 24 sq. m. ...
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    kusadasi pools

    Does anyone know if kusadasi pools is still open for business? KusadasiPools, Swimming Pool Company in Kusadasi, Turkey. They do not answer emails (not new) and now the phone number as stated on the website is inoperative. In May I bought an above ground pool (Intex) from them, which leaks...
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    Can anyone recommend a good, english speaking dentist in Datca? all replies gratefully received!
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    rural land law

    Does anyone out there know about a law that restricts building on rural land of less than 5000 sq. m.? We are worried that it may be applied retrospectively as our house is not finished and has not got living permission yet. (our plot is only about 3000 sq. m.) Isn't life grand!:45:
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    long let

    We will be coming to Datca mid July for a few months. Does anyone know if there is a property to rent as a long let in Datca or nearby? We would be grateful for any input Ann and Paul.
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    tax free cars

    I have read somewhere that a foreign retired person living in Turkey can purchase a new car tax free, which sounds brilliant if true. My question is, how can you prove that you are, in fact, retired? I am 59 this year and intend to retire to Turkey as soon as I have sold up in England. Do...
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    tax increase

    we have had a bill from our turkish accountant who deals with our dormant company. The new year book stamping fee was 100 tl last year and now he says it is 450 tl this year! Does anyone know if this massive increase is correct? He has also added a stopaj tax of 180 tl whatever that is, which...
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    Datca Builders

    If you are interested,go to the "buying property in Turkey" forum to read my horror story. It will save me typing it again in my laborious hunt and peck style!
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    be tough!

    We have lost £50,000 due to our builder in Datca doing a runner. He has taken many people for a ride,Turks and foreigners alike, and must owe millions of ytl. we have a court case in progress, but it may be years before we see any money,if ever. If you are thinking of buying off-plan make sure...
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    house buying with a company

    We are about to go to Turkey to set up a company to be able to own our house which is under construction (started before new law on foreigners owning tarla land). Am I right in saying that you have to have a business objective such as house cleaning or baby sitting or whatever, to state on...
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    Take tapu to England?

    Our builder may be going bust and we are not allowed to own the tapu until we set up a company. if we got the tapu certificate from him could we bring it to England, even though our names will not be on it. The reasoning being that the builder might not be able to use it to borrow money and...
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    property in restricted areas

    Is there any truth in the rumour that the Turkish government is so fed up with foreigners setting up bogus companies just to buy and own houses in restricted areas that they are considering changing the law to allow anyone to own houses in all areas, as in Europe.
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    tapu location

    Can anyone tell me if you are able to hold on to your tapu or does it have to be lodged with a land registry department? The reason I ask is we have paid for the land our house is being built on(very slowly!) and although we are not allowed to own it until we set up a company,(due to it being on...
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    Datca builders

    Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) of Kiziltasoglu Construction in Datca?
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    could someone please translate the following text into turkish: goodbye and good luck, I will miss you. thanks to all at TLF for the very helpful site. annandpaul.
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    Bodrum to Datca

    Hi everyone,has anyone had any experience of travelling from Bodrum airport to Datca via the ferry?How long does it take and is it more fun than the road trip from Dalaman to Datca? We were thinking of going out in June when hopefully our new home will be finished.
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    hi everyone

    hello we are new members.ann and paul.we are having a house built near datca which we will use for holidays until we can retire in the not too distant future.We are going back to turkey as soon as it is ready which cannot be soon enough!!!
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