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  1. yalicat

    Rental prices in Yalikavak

    Does anyone know what sort of prices can be expected for a long term let on a one bed basement apartment close to the centre?
  2. yalicat

    Take A Break reports on Turkey propery scams

    2 page article in this weeks TAB about people being ripped of when buying in Turkey, looks like the press is starting to publicise the pitfalls and warning potential buyers.
  3. yalicat


    Come on Terry and Sue, you've been very quiet lately and I for one miss your contributions to the forum.
  4. yalicat

    Turkish hotel fires all male staff

    Sorry, can't do links etc but Daily Mail website has an article on a hotelier who has sacked all male staff for their continuous flings with hotel guests, she now only employs female staff. Not sure if this will lead to an increase in her bookings or not!
  5. yalicat

    Altinkum Kev Bristol Rovers

    This is painful to watch, I think WBA may get through, Steve Phillips is making me very very nervous
  6. yalicat

    Faux pax

    Faux pas Not even sure if I have spelt it right but realise that I have never introduced myself, in my defence I have never tried to sell anything either. Married to a wonderful turkish man, 3 beautiful children, house in Yalikavak, work part time as a civil servant and wish their were either...
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