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    Penthouse in Oba €135,000

    Hi all, We are selling our Penthouse in Oba, it has 4 bedrooms, 4 balconies,2 bathrooms and large L shaped Salon with fitted kitchen in the alcove. We have all the correct papers etc. I didnt want to put the pictures uip as the ones I have are old and dont apply now as the tenants wrecked...
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    Mahmutlar Water Problems

    Hi all, Tried to get onto Mahmutlar Beldire site to see if water turned off, wonder if anyone there who could help/ I have clients there at the moment who are leaving tonight and no water, our Villas are located behind My Marine Residence and naturally all the neighbours are out that we would...
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    Gazipasha new flights 2014

    Hi all, cant find the flippin link now but just to say that Onurair are doing direct flights from Istanbul Attaturk to Gazipasha and have a special on at the moment for flights booked before end of May. It will give us a choice now to fly into either East or West side of Istanbul. Now for...
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    1000 years of Europe borders

    Watch as 1000 years of European borders change. While not 100% accurate, it is still fascinating. Watch as 1000 years of European borders change | tried to post this a little while ago but couldnt so it is interesting to watch especially with everything going on at the moment.
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    Happy St Patrick's Day

    FRANCE 20-22 IRELAND IRELAND ARE CROWNED RBS SIX NATIONS CHAMPIONS 2014! France are caught offside at the ruck and Steve Walsh blows the final whistle. It is the fairytale ending for Brian O'Driscoll. They will be partying all night long in Ireland! What an incredible finish to one of the...
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    Importing/Exporting pets Ireland to Turkey

    Hi all, Have noticed in the past that there was no direct contact for someone to get pets from Dublin or Ireland as all threads related to UK regulations. Doubt there is a huge difference but it is good to have a direct local contact. I personally have not dealt with this company but they have...
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    Happy Valentine's Day

    The weather is so miserable here and we are all about to blown accross the Atlantic so no need for flights! Just with everthing going on in the world at the moment I just thought it would be nice to send Valentine's greetings to all at TLF especially as his remains are here in Dublin. Have a...
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    3 bed 3 bath Villa in Mahmutlar for rent

    ?190,000 Castle View Villa,Pool,5 b/5b. Call 00353871948727 Slideshow & Video | TripAdvisor? This is actually a 5 bed 5 bath villa but only 3 beds are furnished and 2 baths and 1 wc so far. Long term or vacation rentals welcome. Listed up on Trip Advisor too. 10 mins walk to beach. We have...
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    5 bed/ 5 bath, pool, garage Mahmutlar

    ?190,000 Castle View Villa,Pool,5 b/5b. Call 00353871948727 Slideshow & Video | TripAdvisor?
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    Euan Blair marries former Turkish minister granddaughter

    Former UK PM Blair's son marries former Turkish minister's granddaughter the story is in todays zamman, sorry did not knwo how to do link
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    Discounts for disability and a companion

    Well perhaps some of u know this but I only found out so thought I would share. I have finally being awarded a life pension for loss of 40%+ of faculty (dont get excitied as it is 87€ which is being taken back as means!) dont ask. AAAGH. But the best thing is that because I have this bit of...
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    Support Amnesty in helping the women in egypt

    Demand Egypt?s political leaders condemn sexual violence | Amnesty International
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    Airport Lounges Istanbul Attaturk

    Hi all, Trying to find out if anyone has used any of the airport lounges on a pay as you go or free access as I have ended up with an overnight in Istanbul arriving just after midnight and then leaving at 7.30am. I am flying economy so dont have priority access but know that some of them you...
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    Dublin to Gazipasha via Oslo (SAS) Info

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has done this route yet and how they found it, from what I can see online it does involve a long wait in Oslo overnight but prices are good value and it is closer for us then the Dublin/Istanbul/Antalya and car to Mahmutlar route. Just wondering if anyone knows...
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    Triathalon and bike shops help please

    Hi all, Hope someone can help, I have some of the Team GB staying in Mahmutlar from June8th Well - all of team GB actually have the problem. The airlines are saying they have badly overbooked the amount of bikes that are being taken to Turkey. My question is are there any good bike shops in...
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    Private boat trip for 10 in June?

    Hi, Some people over in June, one taking part in the triathalon and rest viewing including his 80+ agile Mum so would like to have a family day out on a boat but not the big ones as they are all together. Any suggestions please? They can check it out when they get there. Arriving 8th- 22 June...
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    Pegasus cheap flights for Nov to March

    Just saw this now in my email, thought it would be helpful for all. Don't miss your chance to travel for less this winter! Make your booking before May 17, 2013 and enjoy flying between 1 November 2013 and 29 March 2014, with prices starting at just 19.99 TL for flights within Turkey, 29.99 TL...
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    Dublin to Gazipasha ? Anyone done this yet?

    Hi, Just wanted to check if anyone has done this one yet, Turkish Airlines to Istanbul Ataturk , then transfer and flight to Gazipasha from Sabiha Gocheck(!) without having to stay overnight etc? Please advise also on transfers from airport to airport. I have tried to check for May this year...
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    Magdalenes, the stuff left out of the report

    This is the some of the detail left out of the report for those of you interested in the ongoing details of the Magdalenes. If any of you are interested in Magdalenes outside Ireland contact me by pm and I will assist you where I can or put you directly in touch with some one else...
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    Dublin to Istanbul till June 14 for 179€

    Flights have been extended and are available now, same rules apply as before book and pay 30 days in advance and whoo hoo antalya here we come!
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