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    Is it still advisable to put gbp into your Turkish bank account and change into ytl
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    Suite for sale

    3 seater settee and 1 armchair for sale all 200 ytl plus coffee table Address Mandelina Gardens no 7 kayacik cadesi block no 1 Yalikavak the proceeds will go to Yalikavak street animals phone no 5319880977
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    Small chest freezer

    Has anyone got a small chest freezer for sale in good condition we arrive on the 8 May Eddiecath
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    Cheapest place to buy TV in Yalikavak

    Where is the cheapest place to buy a TV ours has died
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    Vertical blinds

    Hi where can we get some vertical blinds in yalikavak
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    Why is there a shortage of lira in the uk
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    child gate

    does anyone know who can make us a child gate cheaply we need it befor sat pm cheers eddie
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    resul the builder

    anyone no resuls phone asap
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    baby gate

    does anyone know where we can get a baby gate or know anyone who is sellling one cheers eddie
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    xmas flights

    does anyone know if there are any flights from the uk to bodrum over xmas period this year thanks Eddie
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    airport transfers

    anyone know who does airport transfers to yali and price thanks eddie
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    Air Con/Solar system

    Does anyone know someone who can take down a/c units and reinstall them somewhere else and the same with a solar heating system not at crazy prices
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    High we have bought an apartment in yalikavak we now find ourselves in a situation that the builder has gone bankrupt we still dont have our tapu we hav put a hypotec on the property now one of the builders creditors has said he wants the property sold as he is owed money from the builder our...
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    sky tv dish

    Does anyone know if someone is selling a sky tv dish or now where i can get a second hand one our aprtment is in yalikavak i would much appreciate your help thanks Eddie/Cath
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