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    schools in turkey

    anyone heard of any english speaking schools popping up along the turqoise coast its the only thing stopping me moving to turkey all yr round 3 older kids will be all left school in 2 yrs but got a 3 yr old that needs catering for[:I]
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    Complete beginner

    hi guys each time i go through the forums buying property in turkey seems to be getting complicated . anyone gimme a quick breakdown of the procedure btw what is a tapu . is there a limit on how much cash u can take into country instead going through bank transfers and cheques etc
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    Whats clases as a rural area

    Hey guys i have been over to marmaris last 10 yrs for vacation and want to get second home over there .Been looking over a few of ur comments and dont think actually buying in marmaris is getting good feedback , i read a few good reports of yalikavak been looking at some of the property laws...
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