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  1. stmary

    Anyone had a letter from HSBC

    Just got a letter saying that all banks in Turkey are contacting the uk with all offshore bank account over the year you have had or have ... Anyone else got one ...
  2. stmary


    I have to give 10 out of 10 for Denizbank Didim Altinkum ,We dealt with Ertugrul Osguneyli the guy that sits in the corner .He not only helps you out he prints most papers in English so you can see what your signing and reading .He goes through everything with you .He is a credit to the...
  3. stmary

    Have you heard of the FairFX

    Hi, has anyone used the currency exchange with the above ...transferring your Turkish lira account over to a uk bank account ...We got told some Turkish banks will not allow it . We are with denizbank .
  4. stmary

    Finding out the valuation from the council

    Hi. Can you go to the Council tax department in Turkey and ask them what's the valuation of your property . I can see what it says on the tapu , but after one year would it change much, cheers
  5. stmary

    Which agent would you choose to sell your property

    Which agent would you recommend to sell your property , there are loads up the market streets , of Altinkum ... but which one would you not touch We have read all sorts what agents have got up to ,so please lets have all your imput honestly and truthful ...
  6. stmary

    Applying for renewal health insurance

    After you have had your first years health insurance both in and out patient .with Nippon for first year ... Can you have in patients only and pay for dentist and drs yourself . Reason is we have paid for dentist drs without claiming back to the insurance company.
  7. stmary

    getting a appointment at Didim Hospital

    Hi, if you want to see a specialist at Didim hospital do you need to be Referred by Dr , or can you just go and take a translator with you and see how how you go , thank you
  8. stmary

    Interest Rates

    Been in HSBC this week and our Interest rate has been cut to 9.75%,it has been going down steadily since January when we were getting 12%,is this happening to anyone else with the HSBC,and are other Banks,eg Garanti,Deniz etc offering any better? This is based on monthly set at every 31...
  9. stmary

    Busy Bodrum

    Just back from 3 nights in Bodrum and could not believe how busy it is compared to Altinkum where we are based.I know Bodrum is a bigger and more well established Resort but considering all the negative Press about Turkey we were very impressed at the numbers there and can vouch that Bodrum...
  10. stmary

    property prices up?

    Has anybody noticed if Property prices are on the up in Altinkum? We have been looking online at various Agent websites and some are asking silly amounts especially for slightly bigger properties,is it because the Holiday season is here?
  11. stmary

    Bowel screening tests in Altinkum

    Hi does anyone know where our son can go in Altinkum for bowel screening tests please , thank you
  12. stmary

    Road tax bills

    Hi ,has anybody had their road tax bills yet in the 3rd beach area and if so roughly how much are they . Thanks
  13. stmary

    hairdressers in didim Altinkum

    Hi. Could some one that has had their hair done / lowlights ad highlights done with foil ... I was quoted 120 lira , is that the normal price here in Altinkum/ didim . thanks
  14. stmary

    best place to buy oven and hob

    Hi , where in Altinkum Didim , can you buy a nice oven and hob . Seen one in the Kartal shop on the boulevard opp oz sut cafe bar . the price was £400 for both , is this a good price ... cheers
  15. stmary

    Public payphone in Altinkum

    Hi All,over in Altinkum at the mo and not got smart phone to ring home,just use a Brick normally.What we want to know is ,are there any pay phones or booths like the old days where you can ring the UK ?Just wondering because we have had a good walk around and up and down the Main Boulevard and...
  16. stmary

    Izmir winter transfer

    Hi all,we are finally making the move to Altinkum on Sat 5th Dec,flying in from Stansted.We are going to stop over in Tav Hotel at Izmir Airport overnight and make our way to Altinkum Sunday morning.Can anyone recommend a decent Transfer company that operates from Altinkum in Winter who can...
  17. stmary

    extra luggage , flying turkish airlines

    Hi , we are moving to Turkey on the 5th Dec , flying with Turkish airlines , it says 1 case 20 kilo and one 8 kilo hand luggage free for each person. But we have got 2 extra cases weighing around 20 kilo each , will they let us on with them , we are willing to pay the extra allowances . hope...
  18. stmary

    Good or Bad time to Buy property in Turkey?

    Hi All,we are over in Altinkum in October with a view to buying before we retire here in April 2016.We have holidayed here for many years and love the place but with all the uncertainty going on in Turkey with the unrest and troubles with Syria are we doing the right thing and is it safe to...
  19. stmary

    Apartment wanted June 2015

    Now found accommodation ,thanks anyway.
  20. stmary

    do you need health cover to get your residency

    We read that you no longer need to get health cover to get your residency I know this has been talked about many times , but when i read in voices newspaper , they were saying they thought that after October we wouldn't need to have healthcare in place when applying for residency . Also what...
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