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    Chef needed in Turunc

    Hi Guys I am trying all avenues open to me at the moment, Due to the fact that Turkey does not have job centres. I find that I am asking for assistance on here I do hope it will not cause any problems. We are a small family run apartment complex in Turunc. English owned and Managed we are...
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    traditional Turkish Recipes

    Hi Guys I am in need of a little help, I am looking for Traditional Turkish Main course dishes different from the normal tas Kebabi ,Orman Kebabi,hunker begiandi Yes spelt it wrong Sorry. All of the above are very good dishes but can be found nearly everywhere so I am looking for the really...
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    Animal Cargo handlers

    Hi Folks Not been able to find anyone to accompany my Cat back ,but after looking for sometime on the internet have found out that Turkish Airlines might take her not sure if this is unaccompanied or not ? sure someone out their will tell me. What Info I need now is the name of a good...
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    Help anyone flying into Manchester.

    HI guys Could really do with some help I dont want anyone to adopt or take my cat on perminant ,I am prepared to work bloody hard for the next six month to pay for quarantine ,I have a mum prepared to lend us the flight money ,I have a friend who will deliver my Cat to Dalaman airport , But due...
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    help needed

    :becky:Hi guys here I am again looking for help :) I have managed to find quarrantine for our cat and a company that will arrange flight for her with either thomas cook or thompson ,The only problem I now have is that they will not take her unaccompanied which means I would have to fly to...
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    Taking cat back to the Uk

    Hi Guys :) some of you might remember me? from previous threads and questions I have asked,But just a quick run down for those who dont know me. 3 years ago we moved to Turunc and ran a small bar unfortunatly we became another statistic and had to return to the UK in October 2009 when we...
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    White goods and bedroom furniture for sale - Turunc

    Hi all I have an Indesıtt frıdge freezer for sale £150 beko washıng machıne £150 esco oven hob and extractor fan £100 also a selectıon of bedroom furnıture for sale from £150 to £180 all can go after the 28th september also a 28 inch tv £50 all under 2 years old please note that the birch...
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    new home needed

    Well folks after nearly 3 years we have decided that we have to go back to the Uk .Turkey is a fantastic place to retire or Holiday, but buisness is very difficult not that we didnt do well but the time is right to return .But we find ourselfs in a very hard and difficult situation after looking...
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    Help we need a nice new family Meow.

    :boohoo: Well folks after nearly 3 years we have decided that we have to go back to the Uk .Turkey is a fantastic place to retire or Holiday, but buisness is very difficult not that we didnt do well but the time is right to return .But we find ourselfs in a very hard and difficult situation...
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    The Turkish Van Cat

    I had never come across a Van cat untıll we moved to Turunc but what fantastic cats to come across, loving does not even begin to describe them mind you it was a bit of a shock the first time ours jumped in the bath with me . here is my baby Sassy .
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    HELP marmaris to mersin via coach

    Hi can anyone out there give me some advice on how to get to Mersin from Marmaris ? we have a wedding to go to in April and I dont seem to be able to find anything out on the Internet looked at flights but they were all via Istanbul to Adana and cost a bomb so now are looking at going by bus...
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    Pies and Pasties

    Hi Folks Fancy a taste of old UK ,Well this could be your lucky day? I have just started a new buisness in the turunc,marmaris,and surrounding areas, selling homemade Pasties,burgers,and sausages, we also have a wide selection of homemade pickles and chutneys available. The pasties range from...
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    check list

    Hi all well we have sold or stored all our worldly goods and move in with my mum on the 19th january :29: not for to long I hope .Kevin and I will be flying out on the 2nd of febuary for 2 weeks to get rental agreement on the bar notorised and look at properties to rent we will then be coming...
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    bringing things over to turkey

    Hi Its me again sale of house is all going fine completion date is 19th january so we fly out on the 4th of febuary to sign for bar and get residence visas ect. we have sold all furniture and filled all familys lofts with items we can not part with and also some items to come back to if all goes...
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    furniture shopping in marmaris

    Hi moving out in febuary want advice on best places to buy cheap furniture Including white goods any help would be great Moving to Turunc so Icmeler Marmaris area many thanks
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    cost of importing car

    Hi All goldmattymiss here does anyone know how much it is to import a car into turkey we are looking at options for when we come out there and have looked at the price of some 2nd hand cars in the Mugla area and seen how expensive they are . :w00t:
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    long term rental in turunc

    Hi everyone going out to turunc in january and looking for longterm lease or rental for minimum of one year must have minimum of 2 bedrooms can anyone give any ideas.
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    schools or private tutors ?????

    Hi all new to this forum lark but after reading a lot of postings on this and other sites I was hoping that someone out there might be able to help we are moving to Turunc after christmas this year and have a 14 year old daughter we were looking at the International colleage in Marmaris but have...
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