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    Eviction order due to need by landlord

    Hi all My apartment was sold, I received the notary letter giving me 6 months to vacate, which expires in November. I have not made a new contract with the new owners and they have accepted my rental payments. I have been trying desperately to find a new apartment but in the current market it...
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    Unscrupulous emlaks

    Just wondered if anyone can advise. I am 7 months into a 2 year rental contract. My owner has now sold my apartment and I wholly suspect that the emlak have told them that I will be out in a month. I know my legal rights in this regard, that is not the problem. The problem is that the emlak...
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    Rental advice required urgently

    I am 6 months into a 2 year rental contract and now the owner wants to sell my apartment. My understanding is that they have to sell with a sitting tenant & that if the new owner wants me out they are required to give me 6 months notarised notice? Can anybody confirm whether this is still...
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    Which VPN for itv hub etc

    hi, can you please advise what vpns you guys use to watch itv hub, bbc iPlayer etc from Turkey? I’ve tried Surfshark but it appears to be not working?
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    Best TV box to get UK TV channels?

    Can I please have your views upon the best TV box to use to get UK Tv in Turkey? ie. Amazon Fire, T9SQ etc? TIA
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    Working online for Uk company in Turkey

    Hi, Can anybody advise the legalities regarding working for a Uk company online but residing permanently in Turkey? I understand that tax should be payable in Turkey under the dual taxation agreement but does anybody know or has done the process? And is a work permit still required?
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    Old tax number

    I have a tax number which is over 20 years old so does not begin 99. I believe your tax number stays with you for life but any suggestions as to how I can find the updated one? It is not possible for me to go to the tax office at the moment ? TIA
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    Facebook Problems??

    Anybody else having facebook problems? Mine went down late last night and still the same this morning. Dont know if it is my computer or if there has been a clamp down again??
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    TT Net Contract

    I have a 2 year contract with TT Net for internet and telephone. It expires in July 2017. However, due to unforseen circumstances I will have to return to my own country in July this year...thus leaving 1 year on the current contract. Anybody know am I able to cancel it with TT Net, or if not...
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    Antalya to manchester flight for sale

    Easyjet flight for sale due to change in circumstances. Sunday 14th June, leaves AYT 21.55 arrives MAN 00.35. Includes 2 x 26 kilo luggage. 100 english pounds and I will pay the fee for the change of name. Please PM me if interested. Many thanks:95im:
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    Facebook Problems??

    Anybody else having problems getting into facebook this morning?
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    Will Turkish bought Samsung TV work in the UK?

    I know people have asked before about UK TV's working here in Turkey - but what about the other way around - will a Samsung TV bought here in Turkey (not a SMART TV) work in the UK?? Thanks in advance!!
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    TV Unit & Coffee Table FOR SALE

    TV Wall Unit and coffee table with storage compartment for sale. Both very good condition. 150tl each. Buyer must be able to collect from Tosmur. Anybody interested please call 0534 295 8684
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    E-Visa whilst Ikamet Valid??

    I have a strange scenario here and wonder if anyone can advise. I rent my home from an English man. My Ikamet is due for renewal at the end of september. I believe now, that my rental contract is required to be notarised for the purpose of the ikamet, however, my Landlord seems to have...
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    2+1 Fully Furnished Apt TOSMUR Alanya

    2 bedroomed, 2 bathroomed fully furnished ground floor apartment in an established sitesi with swimming pool, tennis court, gym and gardens. Available from beginning of June. Anybody interested please PM me your email address and I can send you further details and photos. Many thanks
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    Bike Race Alanya???

    Does anybody know if there is a bike race in Alanya this weekend...have noticed that the barriers are ready to be put out along 35mtr street (Metro/Oba end). And if so, when is it and are the buses to centrum going to be affected?? Thanks in advance!
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    Attention Pet Lovers!!

    ATTENTION ANIMAL LOVERS IN ALANYA - we have a new Mayor!! We want to get him on our side to help us with the issue of the stray dogs in Alanya. But it is better if we have a lot of support...they take more notice of us. We would like to invite as many of you as possible to a meeting to discuss...
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    Adorable Puppy Desperately Needs New Home

    I am fostering a most adorable puppy at the moment, whilst his vaccine takes effect. However, I am unfortunately not able to take him full time. He is absolutely gorgeous, and learning fast re house training etc. He needs a lot of exercise...and a lot of love and attention. I dont know how...
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    Gas Bottles - refund??

    May seem a strange question, but as I know you always pay more for your very first gas bottle, if you have a spare one empty can you return that and get some money back??!!!
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    HELP Please! Computer running out of disk space.

    My computer is showing that the main disc only has 2% of free space!!!! But I run the CC cleaner daily and also do the defag. Have gone thru my programs and not many on there to be honest, so has anybody any ideas as to what may be clogging my computer up and how to clear some space on it...
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