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  1. TNT123

    Mıssıng Gerry Adams Thread

    Fırst let me say,I have no ıdea where to post thıs thread, so I put ıt up here.Mods move ıt ıf you so wısh. There was a thread about Gerry Adams beıng a ınformer, but I cant fınd ıt, as I read through ıt quıckly then went out, came back and ıt ıs gone.Now I know all thıngs Irish ıs a touchy...
  2. TNT123

    Happy Birthday Peppercat.

    Happy Birthday, Pepperkat.Hope you have a great day.
  3. TNT123

    Good Mornıng Folks.

    Hi There. It's with great pleasure for me (probably not for one or two) that I am back on TLF. These last months or so have been very different without TLF in my morning routine. First, let me say that Mushtaq was quite right in banning me for my insulting outburst on the thread about the...
  4. TNT123

    Best E-Mail reply yet.

    I Wish I Worked With This Man...He's Hilarious.
  5. TNT123

    Try Grammarly

    I have searched all of TLF thınkıng I heard about thıs on here,but couldn't fınd ıt.If you're lıke me, absolutely crap at spellıng and haven't got a clue about progressive nouns and all that stuff,ınstall thıs to your browser and PC.Its a bıt lıke spell checker but corrects your Englısh as...
  6. TNT123

    HD Cartoon's

    A great new way to watch Fılm's,Tv Progs and you can even download them. I only use Show Box for watchın fılms nowadays.But here ıs a new APK download for your Andrıod Box or any other Andrıod Devıse.Far better than Show Box and a mıllıon tımes better than Kodı.Enjoy. Cartoon HD .APK Download |...
  7. TNT123

    Turning The Clocks back.

    For those that mıght have mıssed the announcement. ?Clocking off?: Turkey opts out of moving time ? Voices Newspaper
  8. TNT123

    September Jokes 2016

    An elderly couple, who had just learned how to send text messages on their mobile phones. The wife was a romantic type and the husband was more of a no-nonsense guy. One afternoon the wife went out to meet a friend for coffee. She decided to send her husband a romantic text message and she...
  9. TNT123

    Pullın My Haır Out.

    I'm not normally stumped on IT stuff and I can get round most everthıng,but thıs has got me rageıng. Fırstly,I went ınto Tınypıcs to put some Photos on here(I'll explaın whıch later)and decıded I had too many pıcs ın there so decıded to sort them out and delete the ones I wouldn't need as they...
  10. TNT123

    Happy Bırthday Alıson

    Happy Bırthday Alison,have a great day.
  11. TNT123

    The Euro's TV Lıstıng

    If thıs has been put on here before sorry Mod's deleate ıt.Thıs a tıme and date for all the foot matches.For us that lıve here ın Turkey add 2 hrs to the tımes. Euro 2016 TV schedule: BBC and ITV live matches and fixture calendar. What England, Wales and Ireland matches are on BBC, ITV or S4C?
  12. TNT123

    Ultra slow forum pages

    Lighting fast here Martin. Trev.
  13. TNT123

    Happy Birthday Kale.

    Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday Kale.Hope Milnrow is not to cold for your special day.:474cu: Trev.
  14. TNT123

    Paris attacks

    Yours has been deleted by the poster Juco,this is one that you can hear clearly. This remark is directed at those hooligans last night. Your a DISGRACE to yourselves,Your a Disgrace to your culture,Your a Disgrace to your Country,but most important,Your a DISGRACE to your Faith.Shame on you...
  15. TNT123

    Paris attacks

  16. TNT123

    All things XBMC....KODI

    Sorry imbat,gave you the wrong video,back in a mo. Here you go imbat follow Joes lead,if you dont want to listen to him gabbin on go to 9:45 mins and he shows you how to install it,give us a shout if any probs. Trev.
  17. TNT123

    All things XBMC....KODI

    Try this imbat,excellent build,very simple to do it.Just follow this guy. Trev.
  18. TNT123

    Best links for Kodi

    OK folks,as said by Bueman,a new thread for the links WE use for kodi. As you all route through Kodi for your favourite Footy match or Tv prog or Film,If we put the Build we are using and a link within all of us can share. I watched only one Football match at the week-end and it was in SD but...
  19. TNT123

    October jokes

    Think this has been shown before,but for those not seen it. Trev.
  20. TNT123

    All things XBMC....KODI

    This video might be of some help OF. Trev.
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