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    for sale

    3 return flights from glasgow to bodrum 21 night departing 8 july. cost £900 for sale £400... name change fee applies. cheers :95im:
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    cheap flights

    hi, hope everyone is enjoying life in altinkum. my daughter booked flights to come for 21 nights due to domestic problems cant come. so she is selling 3 flights glasgow - bodrum 8th july - 29th july. she paid £900 looking for £400. if anyone is interested ? a cost for name change will apply...
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    good dentist?

    im coming out on 24th july for 3 wks, can anyone recomend a good dentist? cheers....:thanks:
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    airport transfers

    hiya anyone got info of good transfers from dalaman to marmaris plse? also prices plse? cheers
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    2012 cheap flights

    i am looking for flights june-july 2012 from glasgow. i can only find thomas cook £308....any idea's where else to try? :pressie: Merry Xmas Linda...
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    winter in tinky

    hi folks.. i was wondering what it would be like in november/december. am thinking of a winter break?:-)
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    Rental wanted :)

    Hiya after another brilliant visit to altinkum, we are looking for a 3 bed apart or villa at the 2nd beach?? It will be for the 1st 3 weeks in July 2011 if anyone can suggest anything thanks x
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    Coming to Altinkum Tuesday 29th june

    Hi folks i was wondering if anyone is out in tinky on the 29th and is free too meet in the Wiganer around 9pm? would be good to meet up with some of you X
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    english notes

    hi folks!!! love to read all your news. eleven sleeps till were back to altinkum... hope you can help. which english notes can i bring to exchange? is there a lloyds tsb atm in didim? dont want to run outa cash. linda sunny scotland
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    Selam.... Can anyone tell me if its true about the water park being closed? My grandson will be gutted as he has attending it 14days of our holiday lol... Thanks l x
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    Arena Park Villas

    Hi me and my family are heading out from glasgow to the arena park villias on the 26th june.... is anyone else on this staying there or heading out at the same time? or infact has anyone heard bout these villias? Also it says there is a football stadium across from it and my grandson is...
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    Teeth Whitening?

    Hello!! my daughter is looking to get her teeth whitened in june and is wondering if anyone can suggest any good dentists , and prices? Thanks L
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    Cost of living....?

    Hi... its been 2 years since my last visit to Altinkum and i will be staying at the Arena Park Villas, this june... But wat i was wondering if the prices of food and drink had went up? i know just now the exchange rate is low, but am i expected to see a big difference is prices? Thanks l...
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