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    MONDIAL scooters

    Does anyone know if there is a MONDIAL scooter dealer around the bodrum area please??
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    New Visa agreement

    It seems the agreement being signed by the EU and Turkey on the 16th of this month wont apply to the UK :( Turkey, EU inch closer to visa-free travel deal - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news
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    selling your child

    How disgusting is this...selling your own daughters as young as 13 to Arabs. - [English Subs, Extended Version]How Pedophile Saudis are Exploiting Syria's Girls
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    flights 10tl-22tl

    I have seen flights with Atlesjet being sold for 10-22tl from Bodrum to Istanbul resently. A friend just got one from Istanbul to Bodrum for that price also. Plus tax, but its still as low as 45tl, great price when the think a coach is 80tl. And they do free bus service from Turgutreis and...
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    ben the builder

    Does anyone have Ben the builders mobile number please???? THANKS
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    Wales to Bodrum

    Can you tell me which airlines fly direct to Bodrum from Cardiff in the summer months please, and who are often the cheapest?? thanks. :307bt:
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    clocks back?

    Does anyone know if the clocks go back one hour this Sunday???? Pls
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    New cafe/apartments Istanbul.

    Anyone looking to stay and visit in Istanbul i would like to recommend this new place. Its right by the Galata (about 50mts)Tower in Istanbul. Not only is it a lovely warm inviting coffee shop with home made cookies and cakes, turkish breakfast, it has 3 apartments above they let for city...
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    interest rate

    Just wanted to pass this info on!!!!, a friend today was offered a 35 or 60 day account at 9.10% from finanse bank. And she said from 26th of August she can switch to 3 month account at 9.25%.
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    Islam in all British schools from 2014

    Just read that from 2014- information and history of Islam is to be taught in all British schools. They say that British people need to understand the religion a bit more. Am i the only one who believes that all religions should be kept out of schools? And all places of worship should be...
  11. C crap

    Is everyone else having the same problems as us when trying to use outlook?? Often i cant access emails,its so slow,don't receive emails,trying to change settings, :splat: etc ?? if so!! have you change to another provider and which one :hmm: is the best do you think?? . Bring back Hotmail and...
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    I got so angry with a friend of mine in the UK who told me her friend who came to stay with her from a EU country about 5 months still with her. Why do you ask....well hes now getting job seekers allowence she tells me. She lives on full benefits with her child and so rent is paid for...
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    Gardener/maintenance man

    I'm posting this on behave of a middle-aged Turkish man who is seeking a small site to maintain around the Gumulsuk area. So if anyone knows of a site that is looking for an honest hard working guy please let me know. thank you.
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    hotel needed in center of turgutreis

    can anyone tell me of a nice friendly hotel with pool/hi-fi in the center of Turgutries please? thank you
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    I wonder why i left the UK, hmmmm

    After reading this i know that's one reason why i left the UK. But im so pleased at last we have a government willing to change things. She says she will have to live somewhere cheaper and will have to get rid of her car.....what a bloody shame. Maybe she should have stopped at two kids and then...
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    dog groomer

    Does anyone know of a dog groomer around the turgutreis,gumusluk,yalikavak area please? Thanks
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    why do i live here...

    Now i wonder why i live here.....hmmmm let me think!!!! Gümü?lük, Bodrum - YouTube
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    Istanbul flat

    Foe anyone looking to visit Istanbul this link may help you find a flat to stay in.
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    F.A. cup

    Great day for Wigan and football, so good to see a team like Wigan win something. I wonder who will be looking for a new manager very soon.
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    my favourite pop singer and group.

    This is my favourite Turkish pop groups...:roundgrin Ahtapotlar (Akustik Version) (Zakkum) - YouTube who do you enjoy???/
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