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    "Popups" scam warning

    For the last few days in Turkey I have been increasingly blighted by advertising popups. I had gone through the normal measures to stop popups and I am even covered by paid for extra protection (which thought everything was fine). Then this afternoon a popup appeared to say that this non profit...
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    Vaccinations for Egypt

    Flying London to Cairo in September, thought with "Egyptian" connection may get sensible answer here. I am trying to establish which vaccinations are "required" for a holiday in Egypt (as opposed to recommended). Thanks
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    Open the "Pit"

    This is my serious suggestion to resolve the problems caused by the endless interpersonal nastiness that keeps braking out on the forum without having to close threads. We have the "Padded Room" but I am suggesting that "The Pit" be created. Mods can transfer threads to the Pit when they turn...
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    Hotels in Pamukkale and Trazbon

    I am going to make a couple of trips shortly, one to visit Pamukkale and a tour of the Black sea region. So if anyone can recommended hotels in Pamukkale and/or Trazbon it would be much appreciated. Garry
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    "safe" buying "off plan"

    A couple of years ago I was offered an "off plan" bargain in Antalya. The builder would sell a minimum of four apartments at a knockdown price because of their cash flow problems. I am sure you have seen the catch. If he has financial problems, the risk of him failing to deliver in even...
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    I've lost my "thanks" button

    Help, it looks like the button to thank me has disappeared off all my posts (not that I thought you were all desperate to do so), but I have recieved PM thanks instead.
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    Is it ok if I open a thread?

    Is it ok if I open a thread about a closed thread which was about a closed thread which was about a subject that no one seemed to understand? Garry
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    Rugby Players going blue?

    Just finished watching the first 6 Nations rugby match between Wales and England. As the match progressed both teams players started turning increasingly blue! Team strips and flesh got bluer and bluer, any explanations please?
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    Lost the Argument, try personal abuse

    Lately, some posters seem to confuse abuse and insults with arguing a point. While there is some validity to the saying that people resort to abuse when they have lost the argument, the real issue is that this abusive style of attacking the individual instead of his/her opinions is damaging...
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    Quote/s from my favourite Brochure

    I have always been struck by the Turk's belief that you can write English (not my best skill) using a dictionary. When in Alanya I came accross a booklet 26 pages long from "Real Bau and Immobilien". For me it is a classic and source of endless entertainment. Here is the very first paragragh...
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    Maybe flights from Dalaman

    I have been told this evenning that following protests from English Ex Pats and representations from the British Consulate, the Turkish authorities have agreed to try and provide direct Dalaman flights to and from England this winter. To this end they are currently in talks with three airlines...
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    Dear Mods, duplicate threads

    we seem to specialising in duplicate threads at the moment, Nationwide charges, 90/180 day visas and lots of doggies. Can atleast the first two be joined together?
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    Margret Thatchers manslaughter of the 906

    Having recently celerbrated Maggies birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the truth behind her greatest moment, Maggies Falklands war. The Falklands war was not started by the "invasion" of the Falklands by the Argentinians. It was started by Maggies arrogance refusing to...
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    Looks like US Killed Taliban hostage

    Ultimate blame must be with the Taliban, but this makes it worse somehow. William Hague defends decision to try to rescue Linda Norgrove | World news |
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    Jewish ship sails to break Gazza blockade

    A ship carring relief supplies organised and crewed by the British "Jews for Justice for Palistinians" and some other jewish organisations, has set sail from Cyprus and is heading for Gazza. I hope you would join me in wishing them a safe and succesful voyage. This voyage is, in part, a response...
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    Help! My TFL image has gone oversized

    Yesterday while I was posting on the forum the TFL site suddenly went to maybe 150% and cannot be contained within the screen. While I am sure the solution will be straightforward, I've searched around my laptop settings and cant seem to correct it..... ideas or solutions please. Only TFL is...
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    Restaurants and Bars knocked down

    Ali Acar the Baskan of Marmaris started today to knock down all the clubs, restaurants and bars on thr beach road (from Pizza Pizza to Migros). There are alot of upset people and there will be more in the comming days. While this could be seen as part of "cleaning up" Marmaris, as he has not...
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    Hi Im Garrym

    Male, 57. Found Turkey about 8 years ago. Retired to Turkey 5 years ago. I am based in Antalya and Marmaris returning to London every three months for a month or so. I have many Turkish friends in England and Turkey, but no English friends in Turkey.... which is odd.. but due to the circles I...
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