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    Offplan or resales

    For me New Off Plan never come in the equation !! Expat forums members are probably thinking whats the old boy on about ? Well lets look at the way they sell off plan ? They show you this pretty drawn picture which 9 times out of 10 has lovely green grass all around , a swish car in the...
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    Why Close threads ?

    Suprised to see the tattoo thread closed ? Why was that surely a good open discussion with peoples views is a good thing ? Surely if we all turn a blind eye and didnt say what we feel then you could end up with a nation of people forced to have high taxation on fuels and stuff ? or has...
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    : best place to buy near the coast ,near airport ??

    Hi have a blank card regarding where to live in Turkey, but must be near the coast and not to far from dalaman airport . Where is the nicest sandy beach with a harbour at sensible prices ? Anyone know the areas well enough to be able to advise.. Abkuk has been mentioned as well as Calis ...
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    : Flights to Dalaman :

    Hi What is the state of play on cheap flights in and out Dalaman airport ? Last year i found costs high . Have they got any budget flights yet ?
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    New kid on the block

    Hi all Big Pete from Kent in the UK , just joined and so figure i should say hello , so hello !! have followed the forum over the past few weeks as i am hoping to move to Turkey firstly for a test holiday home , and if i dont get mugged or ripped of or sexually harrased or shouted at ! Then...
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