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  1. gally

    Help Internet Box?

    Hi I've heard that Turkcell are doing an Internet "Box" that costs around 180TL per month plus 600TL for the box. Anyone have any ideas or info on this box please? We come out (to Manavgat/Side area) every year for just the 3 month allowable in one go but due to covid not been now for 3 yrs but...
  2. gally

    Animal Health Certificate on return to UK

    Hi, has anyone recently obtained an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) for return to UK with a dog? Before Brexit we always travelled with our small dog via Amsterdam (it was much cheaper than flying with a dog from UK). Anyway now we need to get a AHC to get into the Netherlands from UK which is...
  3. gally

    Question Using UK mobile temporarily in Turkey

    Can anyone help. I'm coming over for 3 weeks, haven't been in Turkey for 2 years. How long would my mobile work for before being blocked? Thinking of getting a tourist/holiday turkcell sim which lasts for 30 days for some internet/calls use. Think it costs around 150TL ish. I have a turkey...
  4. gally

    Drive to Turkey 2020

    Hi, can anyone advise the safest/easiest route to Turkey overland (no ferries) We'd be bringing a small dog. Anyone done it lately? any coronavirus issues in countries that might cause probs? Thanks in advance.
  5. gally

    HSBC website?

    Hello Is anyone else in the UK at the moment having problems getting onto the HSBC Turkey website? It was down last weekend for maintenance and ever since I can't get the website to load. Just wondering if there's some sort of block from outside Turkey? Thanks for any info.
  6. gally

    Internet down?

    Hi Is anyone in the Side/Manavgat/Antalya region having probs with Turk Telekom internet? I'm only getting 0.8Mbps for some reason. Anyone else experiencing problems? Thanks
  7. gally

    Manavgat Estate Agent

    Hi Can anyone tell me the name & address of an english speaking agent in Manavgat thanks. Not Side, I already know of some there. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. gally

    Antalya Airport - Collecting your pet on arrival

    Can anyone please advise? We have been bringing our Cavalier King Charles out every year in the cabin with Transavia Airlines but now they have stopped flying to Turkey. The other airlines that allow pets on board have a smaller cabin carrier size allowance meaning we would have to put her in...
  9. gally

    TRNC 90 in 180?

    Hi Does the 90 in 180 day rule apply in Northern Cyprus? So If I went to TRNC for a holiday any time soon would that period be counted in the 180 day rule on mainland Turkey? Thanks
  10. gally


    Hi, whats the weather like in Turgutreis lately, coming out for a weeks break on Friday 12th so hopefully get some decent weather. Any suggestions for a good restaurant (nice steaks?) would be gratefully received. Thanks. :smile:
  11. gally

    Turkcell top-up

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help? I am PAYG with Turkcell and have always topped up by my HSBC online banking. My problem is since the change to HSBC internet banking a couple of weeks ago, there is no longer an option to select the "Standart Paket". This was just a straight top up with no...
  12. gally

    New developments for touristic residence permit

    Has anyone else seen the info below from YellAlli? Can anyone please decipher this, sorry I can't make head nor tail of what is being proposed. Also is this only for Istanbul?? - Thanks New developments for touristic residence permit granted by Istanbul immigration Office. 25th May 2018 The...
  13. gally


    Hi, can anyone please tell me if there is an equivalent turkish version of Easy Cook Rice? I know in the UK my wife gets the likes of Tesco Easy Cook Rice or similar, basically boil a pan of water, throw in the rice, simmer for 25 mins and voila! I also know she's tried many times to cook...
  14. gally

    lights or no lights?

    Just wondering what other peoples opinions are regarding headlights/sidelights when driving in bad weather. It just amazes me how many arrogant drivers there are out there who absolutely refuse to turn on their lights when it's peeing down so much that the spray from the roads makes it difficult...
  15. gally

    Buying Electric Scooter

    Anyone got any suggestions for places to buy an electric scooter/moped in the Manavgat/Side/Alanya region Thanks :34:
  16. gally

    Ant McPartlin in rehab again

    What a waste of space. Could have killed someone. These overated overpaid celebs really p... me off. Absolutely no sympathy!!! :2:
  17. gally

    Online shopping by card

    Hi can anyone help with info on using your turkish debit card to purchase online. Apparently you now have to give permission to your bank to use the card for online shopping. I'm in UK trying to book car rental in Turkey on my turkish card but it gets declined. I've emailed my bank (HSBC) and...
  18. gally

    UK Mobile registering in Turkey

    Hi Can anyone tell me what the process is for registering your UK mobile in Turkey? and how much is it nowadays? Thanks
  19. gally

    Crypto Currencies

    Interested to know peoples views on getting into Crypto Currency? There seems to be a lot of interest now on investing in these currencies and there seems to be quite a few. I don't mind admitting it all looks a bit complex to invest in but from what I'm seeing there could be some big profits to...
  20. gally

    Driving to Turkey 2018

    Hello I wonder if some of you might have some suggestions. I know this has been discussed probably many times before but it would be nice to get some relatively up to date info on driving from UK to Turkey. Personally I'm thinking I'd rather go via Italy then across to Iguomenista and back up...
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