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  1. paddington bear

    Boarding Kennels around Side area?

    Does anybody please know if there are any good dog boarding kennels in the Side area.
  2. paddington bear

    Christmas Shop

    Can anyone please tell me if there is still a Christmas shop in Antalya. I remember going years ago but have no idea where it was.
  3. paddington bear

    Jet 2

    Has anybody else had problems accessing the Jet 2 website, both myself and a friend have tried from Turkey and get a message saying access denied on this server. I have tried using a UK VPN and get the same message. Sue
  4. paddington bear

    Tt net

    Has anybody had problems with the speed of TT Internet lately. For the past few days mine has been like a tortoise. Sue
  5. paddington bear

    Premier League

    Has Digiturk stopped showing premier league football does anyone know please. Sue
  6. paddington bear

    Disability items for sale

    I have the following items for sale - 1. Lightweight aluminium fold up wheelchair, this was bought in July 2016 and used for about 5 weeks so is like new, also a footpump to blow up the tyres which has been used once. Price 355 tl. 2. Zimmer frame, hardly used. Price 25 tl. 3. Commode...
  7. paddington bear

    Swopping sim cards

    I have 2 mobile phones both bought in Turkey. One is a Samsung Galaxy 4 and the other a Samsung Neo. Is it possible to swop the sim cards from one phone to another please? I don't want to do this in case I knacker the phones up. I am pretty useless when it comes to phones. Sue
  8. paddington bear

    Olympic Games on TV

    Oh bother, Film On have blocked the games, can't find them on Digiturk, does anyone know please if these are on Turkish TV at all. Sue
  9. paddington bear

    e visa cost

    Am I right in thinking that the cost of a e visa is 20 dollars from Thanks Sue
  10. paddington bear

    Filmon Streaming HDI TV

    Has anyone got the streaming box and if so is it any good please? We are thinking of getting rid of Digiturk and having this instead. Sue
  11. paddington bear

    Digestive Biscuits

    Oh yummy, Migros have McVities Digestive biscuits, 5.00 tl or 2.50 tl for plain ones and 2.50 tl for either milk or plain chocolate ones. Sue
  12. paddington bear

    TT Net Service

    Does anyone have a number for me to call for service from TT Net as I have a problem with the internet and mobile phone. The number I have is 4440375 - press 9 for English but everything is in Turkish, Just wondering if their number has changed. Thanks. Sue
  13. paddington bear

    Another Driving Licence Question

    I am going to go this week to get a Turkish Driving Licence. I understand that both my passport and UK Driving Licence have to be translated but do they have to be notarised as well. Sue
  14. paddington bear


    I want to check our SGK online but have lost how to get into their system, help please. Sue
  15. paddington bear

    Mobile phone internet problem

    Him indoors has a Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile and a Samsung tablet. He is unable to access the internet from home for the last couple of days on both devices, he gets a message saying "not in range". He is sat next to the internet moden !!! I took the phone into Turkcell today and they got...
  16. paddington bear

    Skype problem

    Has anyone else had problems with Skype today, all I get when I try to ring a landline in the UK is a mans voice saying "your call cannot be completed" Sue
  17. paddington bear

    Childrens Christmas Events

    Does anyone please know if there are any Christmas events being held for children and if so where and when. Thanks. Sue
  18. paddington bear

    Christmas Events

    Does anyone know if there are any childrens Christmas events being held and if so where and when. Thanks. Sue
  19. paddington bear

    2 house cats need a new home

    Unfortunately a friend of mine has died suddenly and there are two house cats which now need a new home, could be separated. At the moment I don't have any details of the cats but if there is anyone who could give these cats a loving home please contact me. They are used to dogs. Sue
  20. paddington bear

    Renewal of British Passport

    I have just renewed my passport online, documents and expired passport were taken to the UK by a friend and posted on the 21st October with recorded next day delivery. New passport issued on the 27th October and received by me via DHL today, 2nd November, if it hadn't been for the holidays I...
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