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    Lucky needs a home in Turkey or UK

    [/IMG] Lucky was living as a stray ..covered in mange.. every day a struggle to find food and shelter. She was taken under the care of Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation Home - Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation ~ TARO Lucky is now a healthy, 2 year old in need of a forever home, she is...
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    My " spayed " dog is in season !

    Last September while in Altinkum on holiday we met Bella .. she was at the Didim shelter waiting to be spayed, what drew us to her more than all the others was her uncanny resemblance to one of our other Didim rescued dogs Soda, after several visits armed with treats for all the shelter dogs we...
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    Saving Street Dog Bella

    Bella .. an 18mth old turkish street dog, * I first met Bella at the Didim shelter where she was waiting to be spayed.. on my next visit, she was rather drowsy , now spayed and fitted with the municipality eartag, once fully recovered she would be returned to the place where she had been...
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    Hector came Home

    Hector was a street dog in Marmaris Turkey, struggling every day just to survive for 2 years..People passed him by .. he was " just another stray " All that changed in early August 2010 when Deb and her family from Wales went to Marmaris for a holiday, they first seen Hector desperatley chewing...
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    Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation need your vote

    Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation is a UK based voluntary rescue organisation, dedicated to eleviating the suffering of stray / homeless animals in Turkey, Please vote for TARO ... Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation ~ TARO really need to win this, but they cant without your vote .. it just...
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    Desperately needed someone in or near Canakkale

    Desperately needed someone in or near Canakkale, Turkey to help with the rescue of two puppies .temp fosterers needed, please contact : please add Canakkale pups in subject box of email pics :
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    Please help Hector get to his new life

    Hector didnt have a name, he had no home, in fact he had nothing !! Like many others he was simply just another Turkish street dog... that was until Debbie and her family found him . Now they want to bring him home to the UK . Will you help them ? You can read their story here : ChipIn...
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    Dog need home in Didim, owner dumped her and went to UK

    You were playing outside my place in the sun, I clapped you a few times and you smiled. You followed me to the bank and waited at the gate for leftover food and treats. My wife thought your were cute, called you Kelly and bought a nice collar to kill the fleas. You came into the garden to shade...
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    Pet Pooch Photo Competition - Great prizes

    My website COMPETITON CLOSING DATE IS : MARCH 27th 2010 Whisky , Soda and Minstrel were three unwanted , homeless pups in Didim Turkey . Luckily we raised enough funds to bring them to UK . They are now in quarantine kennels : Precious Pets - Precious Pets Please join us in this fundraiser...
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    Please help Hope - hit and run victim Izmir.

    He was a victim of a hit and run , Luckily he was found and taken to a veterinary clinic in Izmir. Hope cannot use his back legs , although he can go to the toilet which is always a good sign . Without surgery Hope's chances of survival are very slim .. No-one will want him and he will be...
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    Saving Grace - Abandoned Anatolian Shepherd Altinkum.

    This is Grace : Isnt she a beauty ? She is affectionate , healthy , slightly timid ( who can blame her ) . Right now she is being cared for at the neuter and release center. We need a very special person or family to care for Grace, one who will show her love and care for the rest of her...
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    Please help to find Artus - Urgent Artus is a rescued dog , recently neutered. He was due to fly to Germany on Dec 14th , but he has gone missing from his foster home in Kusadasi . If anyone is in Kusadasi right now then...
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    Abandoned pups need homes now .

    These two pups are survivors , Found dumped in a plastic bag in Altinkum Didim. They deserve better ! Can you give them a loving home ..if so please contact me Thank you Neesan
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    Altinkum - Puppy Appeal

    On a recent visit to Didim we came across two pups alone in a street , We took them to the vets to be checked over.. they were riddled with worms and fleas :eek: Unfortunately we were unable to find homes for them and surrendered them to the shelter , where they befriended a very similar pup...
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    Pup found , ears cut off ~ Home needed

    from Val ( Didim ) Hi all I am currently fostering a gorgeous puppy. She was heard and found screaming in pain by a lady called Joyce in Didim, who saw that her ears were horribly infected due to them having been cut off. Joyce phoned me and I advised her to take the pup to the shelter vet at...
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    Abandoned Labrador needs a good home

    Black labrador x This girl has been abandoned by her owners, at the moment she is being fed by a kind lady, but as she already has 2 dogs and cats of her own she cannot continue to do this . [/IMG] [/IMG] She is about 18 months old un-neutered . Good with other dogs but doesnt like cats ...
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    World Rally's for the Stray Animals of Turkey

    On October 4th ordinary people from 16 countries across 4 continents did something quite remarkable...They rallied in protest at the way animals ,mainly the street dogs are being treated in Turkey . The largest rally was in Istanbul where almost 400 people ( mainly Turkish ) attended. London ...
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    World Rally for Turkish Dogs

    As I'm sure you will be aware the street dogs in Turkey have a tough time surviving on a day to day basis. They are always a quite contravertial subject, But love them or hate them - they are out there . Many hundreds of dogs have been rounded up in recent months throughout Turkey and taken to...
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    URGENT - Dog stabbed- needing home.

    Reposted for a friend . We have just received an urgent appeal for help in Ortakent, Bodrum. This dogie, Kara, was found lying in a pool of blood on the street. He was not moving, our rescuer friend thought he was dead. They quickly put the dog in a car and drove him to a vet clinic in Bodrum...
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    Balik Park Bodrum Hi I am currently running a petition to get better facilities for the dolphins in Balik Park Bodrum, ( see link above ) Could anyone help me, I firstly need the address of the park , and any pictures of the dolphins and the...
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