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  1. JBK44

    Concrete in Cennetkoy

    I understand from a friend that it has been purchased by a local businessman, with various interests in and around the town. This is one area which originally attracted my wife and I to the area, it is an absolute travesty.
  2. JBK44

    car rental

    I always use Car Rental Dalaman, Sezgin or one of his team meets me at the airport and I'm away within 5 minutes. Keep some change handy for the airport car park exit, last time was about 15TYL
  3. JBK44

    Hot hot hot, Jacuzzi required

    Hi,we are back out in August and wonder if there is anywhere we could purchase a jacuzzi or plunge pool with a cover in and around Datca. Willing to drive a couple of hours if anyone has and recommendations. We don’t have air conditioning so need some way to cool down. Fans are ok but just tend...
  4. JBK44

    Council Tax

    Hello Datca, I am planning to come over in the next few weeks and want to settle my Council Tax bill and setup a direct debit. Cold some one help by confirming where in the town hall I would pay and what documentation and ID i may require. Thanks in advance
  5. JBK44

    Council tax

    Can anyone suggest way to pay council tax in Datca and what we need to take? Thanks in advance
  6. JBK44

    owners direct beware

    On BBC watchdog, fraudsters hacked into payment transactions. Always pay by Visa credit cards or similar to protect your transaction and always call the owner before making any payments.
  7. JBK44

    Resadiye Fire

    Anyone know anything about the fire? Mahalle Yanmaktan K?l Pay? Kurtuldu :thanks:
  8. JBK44

    Is there anyone out there?

    Not seen many updates in the last few months, I keep and eye on the forum but its all gone quiet. Anyway, you may be interested in the following site i found today, details of coastal walks. Official Page for Carian Trail - Official Page for Carian Trail Enjoy
  9. JBK44

    Any photos of datca

    Anyone have any recent photo's of Datca they would share? Missing the place but not able to travel at mo. Thanks in advanced.
  10. JBK44

    Development plans in Datca bays

    All over the press today:- Https://
  11. JBK44

    Now has direct TV playback links to Filmon programs. Enjoy!
  12. JBK44

    Coming to Datca

    Hi Datca Forum, Is there anything new I should take a look at when we come over in a few weeks? Its been very quiet on this forum this year. Hope someone is there when we arrive. best regards
  13. JBK44

    Datca on the news : Turkey's crack rescuers trek 50 miles for three British sailors
  14. JBK44

    Eiffel Tower completely evacuated after bomb threat alert

    I do hope this is not the recent high alerts were about:- Breaking: Eiffel Tower completely evacuated after bomb threat alert - Europe - World - The Independent
  15. JBK44

    Cosmote mobile 3g sim

    Hi is anyone used cosmote data network for their internet connections ?
  16. JBK44

    Changes in Datca

    Well i must say after a short 7 months away lots seems be changing in Datca, even Kardesler Pide has moved to a new location but food remains the best we have had to date in Datca.
  17. JBK44

    Turkey e-visas available

    Just received notification that entry visa's can be purchased in advance of travel
  18. JBK44

    Photo's of Datca

    Due to illness in the family our April visit to Datca had to be cancelled. Do any of our fellow Datca lovers have any photo's they are willing to share to fill the gap between now and our next visit? Take care
  19. JBK44


    Hi all, Can someone help. What is the best and easiest way of getting an internet connection, we are located in Reşadiye. Are there a few options or just one supplier? Best Regards
  20. JBK44

    Stone House

    Hi all, I hope it is cooling down a little for those of you in Datca, July was very hot. This is a little practical request, our house is very porous and soaks in the water during the winter months. In the UK I would spray with silicone to form a waterproof coating however is there something...
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