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    Dalaman Airport Parking

    Can anyone suggest secure car parking in the Dalaman Airport area where a car can be left for a couple of weeks?
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    SGK Internet Payments

    Please can someone tell me which Turkish banks allow you to make internet payments to SGK? I am with HSBC and have been able to set up payments online for all my bills but not SGK which needs a trip into the branch, etc. Surely some banks must do all payments!
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    Turkish driving licences & insurance

    I received a letter from my insurance company this month regarding a "new law" covering driving licences. " Dear Client, In accordance with the new traffic laws please note the following points concerning your vehicle insurance. If the following requirements are not met your insurance cover...
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    IKEA, IZMIR -delivery to villages

    I've seen on the Ikea site that they don't deliver to villages. We live 30 odd miles away from Marmaris and often have problems getting the simplest things delivered. Will the transport companies deliver to their depot in Marmaris so you can collect?
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    Hiring a car in UK with a Turkish driving licence

    Would appreciate any advice you can offer about hiring a car in the UK with a Turkish driving licence. I do have a full UK licence but it is one of the plastic ones and the photo has expired. The DVLA will not renew it because I don't have a UK address and they have it "on their system" that I...
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    Syrup in Marmaris?

    Does anyone know where I can buy syrup and/or treacle in the Marmaris area? Have tried the usual places - Tansas, Kipa, Migros - but haven't found any yet. Just fancy some parkin!
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