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    Pool maintenance

    Can anybody recommend good pool maintainable guy in Yalikavak. We need the pool in operation from next week and until the beginning of October? Thank you for considering my request!
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    UK Passport Translation

    I need my UK passport translated into Turkish. Does anybody know of the cost and method of achieving this locally to Bodrum? It is needed to obtain our Iskan. Thank you.
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    Havas Buses

    I will arrive at Milas at 0745 on 11/3 on a Pegasus flight from Istanbul. Does anybody know if the Havas Bus from the airport to Bodrum will be running? I usually use Resorthoppa but their shuttle buses don't start running this year until 1/4.
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    Rental Agreement

    We are considering allowing a family to long term rent our apartment. Does anybody know where I can obtain a rental agreement from? It would be good to have one in Turkish and another in English
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    Just heard a rumour of severe weather in the Yalikavak area over the last 24 hrs., causing localised flooding. Can anybody confirm this? Thanks.
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    Eu countries versus turkey (economic recovery)

    I have attached the following extract from TODAY'S ZAMAN (26/12/2010), which provides a great commentary relating to the "state" of the Turkish economy having now survived the last 2 years of the "world downturn". I have read many negative threads recently relating to the increase in prices etc...
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    Visit istanbul from sg for less than £4 each.

    OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE? - OPPORTUNITY IS NOW HERE! Both statements use the same letters but in a slightly different order. We have been using the Istanbul route for quite a while now. If we have many hours to wait for our internal connection to Bodrum, we take the number 10 bus from Sabiha G...
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    Cheap Pegasus Flights - Special Offer

    Just booked a Pegasus flight from Istanbul to Bodrum for the 8/1/2011 and 15/1/2011. Paid just £16 for the return flight with good connections to Luton with EasyJet. Total cost £74.35. The offer is limited to 100,000 sales and covers the period between 1/11/2010 and 26/3/2011. Good hunting!
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    Sound Villas Property Management

    I stumbled across this web site referring to the above property management company. Before I consider using their services, do any members have any information relating to them that I would find useful?
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    Voting Rights of Fee Debtors.

    We have one particular owner to hasn't paid any fees in almost 2 years, but always wants to have his say at meetings such as the AGM & any EGM and he is very disruptive. Does anybody know if it would be legal to include a clause in our management plan to remove the owners voting rights if they...
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    Tapu & habitation certificate

    We have now received our TAPU and the centre box, rather than the left box has been ticked. I gather this is because we have no habitation certificate yet. Our duplex is one of 20 plus properties in a development, all built by the same builder. It is quite possible that the builder doesn't...
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    Translator Services

    Does anybody know of a good Turkish/English translator in Yalikavak. He/she will be needed for an hour or so next week to translate a conversation between a couple of neighbours? Please also advise of charges?
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    Translation Services

    Does anybody know of a good Turkish/English translator in Yalikavak. He/she will be needed for an hour or so next week to translate a conversation between a couple of neighbours? Please also advise of charges?
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    Refuse tip ablaze again

    Each year the rubbish tip on the road leading out of Yalikavak on the Bodrum road seems to explode into flames sending large amounts of toxic gases into the sky. It is yet again in flames as the brigade do very little to contain it. It seems that the Belediyere are quite happy to have this...
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    Military Checks

    Given the fact that the property market is not currently lively, how long does a military search now take from the time of application to confirmation. The property in question has already been completed.
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    Harmony Homes - Dream Village - Tuzla

    We are considering purchasing a property at Dream Village - Tuzla. Harmony Homes are the developers. The properties looks very good on the face of it, but we seem unable to get any reponses from the firm unless we send multiple emails. If this is the service before we part with cash, we...
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    Sat nav - turkey

    This article appeared in todays Hurriyet: "Garmin introduces its advanced maps" ISTANBUL - The Turkey distributor of Garmin, a navigation and communication tools company, has announced that the firm is introducing three-dimension navigation maps in Turkey. I posted this thread as I seem...
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    Tax reduction deadline decision day

    A good article in TODAYS ZAMAN starts as follows; "Gov’t announces final decision on tax incentives today. The government will announce its final decision on whether to extend temporary tax reductions for certain sectors, discounts that were introduced as part of a stimulus package nearly...
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    Olive Tree Leaves in Pool

    My pool leaf filter is constantly becoming blocked by leaves falling from nearby olive trees. The leaves float from the surface, into the overflow channel and then drop into the filter chamber hole and eventually block the trap. Ideally some sort of trap over the hole seems the obvious choice...
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    New Member

    Hi to you all on the forum! I am actually the husband of Basils Mum who has been an infrequent poster on this site for some time now, so consequently I am familiar with the rules. I like the concept of what the site stands for and would like the chance to contribute. I may be an infrequent...
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