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    Passport time left worry

    Hi there I bought my visa 2nd May 2017 but didn't use until July 2017 for 14 days. Now I am going to Turkey again 11 days in Sept still on a valid visa. But my passport has me wondering if I will still be ok as it Expires Jan 2018 . I know Turkey used to have a 3 month validity rule from when...
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    help !! wifi feed from turkcell dongle

    Hi i recall reading on here that a MiFi could use my turkcell dongle to create a wifi like link with other devices. I am wondering if anyone can give me more info on how this would work best for me or if other options are available as i dont have the turkish phone line installed and only have...
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    Cosmetic Dentistry !!

    Has anyone had or know of any good places to look for advice on getting some cosmetic dentisty work done in or around the Fethiye area. I would love to know any details anyone can share as i am looking to hopefully some day soon be able to have that smile of mine changed to a confident one...
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    Changing Tapu from joint to single help !!

    Hi There I wonder can anyone help me with changing our Tapu from joint to single names. What would be the process and any idea of likely costings that I/we would need to be pay oh and timescales ? We are already both on Tapu at present but want it to be simply just one name now. Crystalclear
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    Airport parking for Luton ??

    Hi Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the airparking at Luton and the best place and prices to obtain for October 11 days. Thanks in advance Crystalclear
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    Car Hire pick up dalaman

    Can anyone help with 10 days in OCT from Dalaman airport prices. I do currently have one thats All Inc at £21 a day from Turkish car hire based in Fethiye. For a Fiat Albea car. But my budget is so tight this year as I have already lost and awaiting refunds on 14 flights. Any saving on further...
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    Car Hire Prices !!

    Can anyone help with 10 days in OCT from Dalaman airport Prices. I do currently have one thats All Inc at £21 a day from Turkish car hire based in Fethiye. For a Fiat Albea car. But my budget is so tight this year as I have already lost and awaiting refunds on 14 flights. Any saving on further...
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    Man - Dal - flights April 2010 Bargain !!

    Just a heads up if you fancy an easter break in April 2010- Easyjet 8th April £87.99 from manchester to Dalaman and returning 15th April is £74.39 and coming back on 22nd April is only £65.79. Hope this helps someone grab a bargain Crystalclear
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    Flights "Urgent help" needed Plz !!

    we booked flights with custom flights 8 days 9th Oct - 17th Oct -Manchester to Dalaman. 4 people We have had 3 changes so far to the return flights which were origonally - DLM - MAN - 17th Oct - 02:40 -charter flight (6 hr return) they changed to - DLM - MAN - 17th Oct - 00:50 -charter flight...
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    Cleaning and Key holding ?

    Can anyone here suggest any names of Managment companies in the area of Tasyaka. I am really after a good company that can Key hold , clean and possibly offer transfers although that is not essential but an advantage. Thanks Crystalclear
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    Techie help plz !!

    Hi I am hoping someone knows the answer to this. I am mid swing of installing Windows back to daughters lappy (her hdd fried so new one) I have got to the point where it asks for the KEY but I cannot input it as it wont allow me to put in numbers I hit the 2 key i get " i have tried everything...
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    Due to get my Tapu !!

    I am due to get my Tapu sorted in October as clearance is finally back. Now I have a question. I need to insure the apartment in Fethiye and wanted to tap all you good TLF members for possible companies i can contact for quotes. I am aware of the Intrasure on here and have heard mention of...
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    Briton 'Preyed On Dozens Of Kids' In Turkey

    Briton 'Preyed On Dozens Of Kids' In Turkey READ ABOUT IT HERE ..Turkey Child Porn Charge: Briton Jeremy Adrian Kerrich Arrested By Istanbul Cops | World News | Sky News crystalclear
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    Anyone know best cheap way to Dalaman

    Hi Guys and Gals Given that so many travel to Turkey I thought I would pick your brains (cant pick mine I dont have any lol !) We travel from North west , north east and midlands airports in UK to Dalaman. But is it better price wise to say do a budget flight like Ryanair (or any other)...
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    Whats the best way to get curtains and bedding from UK to Turkey

    Hi there We have a new place just finished and hopefully get the keys next month whilst on holiday. But in the meantime I have some new quilts , bedding , curtains, here in the UK and would want them for our place in Turkey. How can i get them over in the best way please ? Can i just parcel...
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    Anyone for Coffee

    This is neat. I don't know how folks figure all this stuff out. Enjoy. 1. CLICK ON THE LINK (COFFEE MACHINE LINK BELOW) 2. PUT THE COIN IN THE VENDING MACHINE 3. CHOOSE YOUR DRINK 4. CLICK ON THE CUP WHEN IT IS READY 5 CLICK ON 'OPEN' ENJOY! Don't forget to click on 'OPEN' !!! Zoom-flash...
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    Furniture buying around Fethiye

    Hi there Can anyone suggest any good places to purchase furniture and white goods from, I know of the furniture thread by Lorraine and have made notes from that but to be honest whist a very useful thread, it was mostly listed in 2005 and 2006 so I wonder if any other places have come to light...
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    New to forum

    Hi all I am a mother to 4 aged B22-B21-G17-G14 and grandmother to a 2 year old girl. i am married this year 24 yrs. we currently own a house in south yorkshire and have just about got our apartment in Tasyaka built ( bought off plan ) so we plan to holiday there and rent for a few years...
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    Help please !! documents for apartment

    I have just paid the final payment less the final doc fees on an apartment thats almost completed (rains and bad weather have delayed the process) What I would like clarifying please from all in the know is apart from the contract - tax numbers - bank account -and 150 ytl (translating of...
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