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    Happy New Year Everyone

    A very happy and healthy 2022 to you all. Here's hoping we can get to Turkey this year ☺
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    Question Property Cleaning rates?

    Hi, could anyone tell me how much a 4 bedroom villa would cost to give it a through clean? I've been quoted 1400tl, does this seem steep? Thank you in advance for your replies.
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    Happy Mother's Day

    Wishing all you Mothers a lovely day. Your all doing a fantastic job and we really appreciate all you do xx
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    Top Tv Series

    The Queen's Gambit was fantastic, excellent story and acting. We finished The Crown recently and really enjoyed that too - kept googling for more in depth information!
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    Bank interest rates

    Good afternoon, I have 100 000tl to deposit into a 12 month bank account. Could anyone advice me on the best interest rates/banks available. Thank you in advance - Jenny
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    Pegasus flights

    Good evening all, I'm looking for flights from Manchester to Bodrum in July/August. From experience when is the best time to purchase these flights? At the moment the prices are around £450 for either 7 week or 3 week stay. Do you think these prices seem expensive? What is Pegasus like, we have...
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    Bank opening hours

    Good evening, can anyone tell me when the banks reopen after Eid/holiday please. Thanks in advance - Jenny
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    Tax Number

    Hi everyone, Could you tell me what documentation is required to obtain tax numbers for our children aged 13 and 11. Many thanks in advance.
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    Airline Regulations re laptops

    Hi everyone, I have been told that the strict regulations flying from Turkey have been relaxed. Specifically that you can now take tablets/e-readers in hand luggage. Is this correct as we are flying out next week and I would like to take my e-reader on the flight home. Many thanks in advance -...
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    Dask insurance

    We are over in Turkey in May, could anyone advise where we can get Dask insurance. Would Milas be better than Bodrum?
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    Bodrum Market

    I wonder if anyone can help me, my daughter wants some "Ugg Boots" from Bodrum market. What day does the market sell shoes please? Thank you in advance :):thanks:
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    Turkish Bath in Bodrum

    Hello everyone, could anyone help me with some information, I am visiting Bodrum in late July and would like to use the Turkish Bath near the bus station and I was wondering if you could just turn up or do you need an appointment? I would also like to know how long it takes, what are the opening...
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    Rental Rates

    Hi everyone, we have been approached to rent our 4 bed villa unfurnished by our management company. What is the going rate? and would we pay the management company a fee every month or a one off payment. Thank you in advance for reading and your comments
  14. J

    Trip to Kos

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone could help me, we will be back over in July/August with some friends and would like to go for a daytrip to Kos. How much would the trip cost per person, how long does the boat take (has I'm not that good at sailing !!!) and once we have arrived there is it near the...
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    Monarch Airlines

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for flights to come over to Bodrum in July and Monarch are way ahead on price. Can anyone tell me if you receive allocated seats during check in at the airport or is it a scrum to get a seat like Jet 2?
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    Challenge Cup Final

    Hi all, can anybody tell me if you know of any bar which will be showing the Challenge Cup Final on Saturday 27 August. We are staying in Bogacizi and wont have any transport. We really do not want to miss the match. Jenny and Chris:loco:
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    Air Con Repairs

    Hi Everybody, I wonder if anyone may help, we have a large Arcelik AC in our living/kitchen area and it is broken. It only gives out hot air. Does anyone know of a good repair man or do we go back to the shop we bought it (3 years old). All ideas welcome. By the way our villa is in...
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