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    Tansas are at it now

    Well, they may have been at it before, but, on our last two visits to Tansas, we have been charged for items we did not buy. The first time we didn't notice till we got back and put the shopping away so made a mental note to keep an eye on the shopping bill in future. Unfortunately, next time...
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    Cafe/Bar Re-opening

    Have heard today that the cafe/bar on the Summerbreeze (Akbuk) complex is ready for business as of today (17th June). Shall be interested to know whether food and drinks will be of a reasonable standard - price and quality. Anna
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    Money Card

    Can someone please explain how the 'Money Card' issued by Migros and Tansas actually works? I obtained one last year and have been using it regularly in the supermarkets - by that I mean, I just hand it over to the cashier and she swipes it and hands it back. I have no idea whether I am...
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    Hyundai Star Ex hire

    We need to hire a Hyundai Star Ex or very similar for a week in May. We are bringing our parents (85,84 and 88) plus a wheelchair (and us) and at least 4 suitcases and hand luggage. Have been looking at various posts recommending - Valley Rent a Car,Blue Rent a Car and Proper Rent a Car. I...
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    Izmir to Akbuk

    We shall be coming out to Akbuk in Feb, flying into Izmir Adnan Menderes airport. Picking up a hire car (already booked) and travelling down to Akbuk. Never having driven this route before, a) what are the roads like, b) are they sign posted well, c) are there any tolls to be paid, d) how long...
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    Bringing food over from the Uk

    I need to stock up on those items difficult to buy in Akbuk Migros or Tansas. Would I be able to bring bacon/ham/cheese/butter in the hold rather than hand luggage. Also, would it travel well? Do I need to wrap it in foil or ice packs etc. Another question, is it easy to obtain a decent...
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    Vertical Blinds

    Anyone know if there is a vertical blind supplier in or around Akbuk? Thanks Peter
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    Vertical Roller fly screen for patio door

    Hi all, We are going out to furnish our new apprtment at Summer breeze next week and I want to have fly screens fitted while I am there. I particularly want the type that are like vertical roller blinds for the patio doors. They meet in the middle and retract back when opened. Anyone know if...
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