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    Villa for sale/long term rent

    A dublex villa with sea view in Datca for sale or long term rent. The villa offers a large lounge, fully fitted kitchen, downstairs bathroom, circular marble staircase leading to 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The villa has a tiled roof, PVC windows, steel entrance door, two 4 door patio doors...
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    Christmas greetings

    Wishing our Datca friends seasons greetings and looking forward to meeting up with old and new friends in 2012....... Merry Xmas and healthy happy new year x
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    Car Hire

    :help: ..............We are flying into Bodrum airport end of October and wondered if anyone can recommend a car hire company please.... tks
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    motorcycle helmet

    Do any of the Datca folk know where I could hire/borrow a motorcycle helmet ? My hubby rode from Norn Iron to Turkey and now we have the bike here we would love to take a few more road trips and I would feel much safer with a helmet. Dont really wanna buy one for a short time but if anyone...
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    Christmas Greetings

    Hope all my friends on TLF have a happy and healthy Christmas with best wishes for the New Year. Hope to meet up with some of you in Datca in 2011. Take care Emerald Lady x
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    New to Ozbel....Cafe Kapi

    A new restaurant has opened a few weeks ago in ozbel, past the Sok supermarket heading towards Riveria Complex, on the left hand side. It has a small menu at present but the service is good and the prices even better. It is frequented by the locals and the staff are very friendly, enjoyed their...
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    how much do you pay for your food?

    Reading an advertisement today about a restaurant in turkey charging 17 lira for steak and 10 for chicken. This would be less than we pay in datca so......... how much do you pay for steak/chicken/lamb wherever you eat in turkey?
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    sweets from our youth

    hi i noticed a comment on another thread abour sherbet and dip dabs and that got me thinking......... what sweets did you like that are no longer around or have been rebranded? anyone remember spangles, texas bars, :bounce:
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    water park

    recuperating at home and thoughts turned to datca...... can anyone update on the water it open or closed apologoys lack of capitals,question mark....broken wing at the mo
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    I do believe however that personal attacks must be discouraged and would suggest that at the point of receipt if possible, if it can be done, any personal comments of that ilk should be removed at source prior to publishing. I noted this comment from another member on another thread but...
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    Fish and chips anyone?

    :horn: Down at the harbour on a Friday night in the cafe MOCCO I see they are offering fish and chips and mushy peas so if you are getting chippy withdrawl whilst away then you must visit. A friend there had told us it is a big hit with some of the ex pats so also the chance to make more...
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    Advanced Passenger Information

    We booked flights via Belfast to Dalaman with flythomascook for summer and received a mail stating we must register our details as API is now required. When I hit the link posted it directed me to TC web page that offered extra services, food seats etc which I do not need but nothing to tell me...
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    Tess's story

    Hi Datca Folk I wanted to draw to your attention the plight of one of our members...Tess. I know some of you already are aware of her story but those who are not you can read about it at the home page under Contents of 3 bed apartment for sale.She asked me to let as many as possible...
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    Seasons greetings

    To my Turkish living and DATCA friends...... I wish you all a very peaceful and happy Christmas and hope the New Year brings you health and happiness. :50:
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    Great to be Home?!?

    Were is everyone.....please come home and talk to us. Just wondering how everyone got on on holiday...what did you think of the changes to the town centre? any news to relay? I met Yildez which was lovely and hopefully will get to meet some more Datca friends in the coming years Hear from...
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    Villa for sale

    Hi Datca Folk Thought I would be this on our forum.....anyone looking to upgrade or buy then spread the word. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Detached villa for sale in Datca. £110 000 (negotiable) On a site with 20 other villas. Documentation...
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    Registration of Residents Committee

    Wondering if any Datca folk can enlighten some of Rivieria Folk on registering our Residents Association in Datca. I understand that a site with over 8 properties should be registered in Turkey. The majority of our site residents come from Northern Ireland and therefore our residents...
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    2 bed apartment for sale...Zeytindali

    Hi all We have a two bed apartment for sale, as some of you know, and full details are currently in the Members Properties Section of the site but thought I would bring it to the attention of the Datca members. The apartment was bought from new but we have never lived in it. We have had some...
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    Lions final test match

    hi all Can anyone tell me if there is a sports bar in Marmaris where we could go to watch the Lions final test match on 4 July? Thanks
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    Golf club

    Hi Anyone heard of the golden sands golf club in datca
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