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    Sabiha Gukcen airport

    Has anyone experience of SG airport with Pegasus. A friend needs to change planes there with a partner in a wheelchair.
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    Married to a Turk for 40+ years

    Someone who was married to a Turk has recently lost her husband and while trying to help her we've discovered that she doesn't have a residence permit although she's been in the country for 3 years. Looking back 40 years ago, is there any chance that when she married she automatically got...
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    Turkey obligates pet-owners to microchip

    New legislation in Turkey will soon obligate the country’s pet owners to register their cats, dogs and weasels, and acquire identity microchips for them, a statement published in the Official Gazette on Feb. 26 read. According to the statement, the Turkey’s Food, Agriculture and Livestock...
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    SGK hospital charges for foreigners explained.

    I came across this article which helps to explain SGK hospital charges for foreigners, especially in relation to chronic illnesses. Local hospital charges for foreigners explained · Kalkan Turkey · Kalkan Weather · Kalkan Information · Kalkan Map · Kalkan Turkish Local News
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    Road speed control.

    Since the beginning of the year, as well as the police radar checks, on Motorways a new system has started whereby your number plate is read at the beginning of a section and again when you leave and the time taken is recorded and the speed is worked out. I believe there is some leeway given but...
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    No more ATM £s ?

    Just copied the message below from another site: can anyone tell me if there is an ATM machine in Koycegiz, Ortaca, Dalaman or Marmaris that give GBP please.... Hi all, just heard from a friend that you cannot get GBP from any ATM machines in Fethiye, and that the Turkish government have made...
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    Best Internet provider

    At the moment I'm with TTNet and I'm fed up with their slow speed. Every time I try to watch a programme it frequently starts buffering and sometimes even cuts off so I've decided to, hopefully, find a better service. Can any of you locals suggest a reliable provider please? I'm in Toparlar.
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    50% off pet food

    The yearly discount of pet food starts this Thursday and continues until 4th October.
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    Christmas dinner

    Does anyone know if any hotels/restaurants are doing Christmas dinner in the Koycegiz, Dalyan, Fethiye region this year?
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    Skype freezing

    A couple of weeks ago I downloaded Windows 10. I had a few problems which I sorted out but although I could open Skype it froze. I uninstalled it and downloaded the latest version. This worked OK for a week or so but has now frozen again. I don't want to go through the palaver of uninstalling...
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    Dealing with money in the bank

    A friend's partner has just died. They returned to the UK two years ago because of her ill health and left the money from the sale of their house in a bank in Turkey. They had UK wills leaving everything to each other but no Turkish wills. The bank account allows either to sign for...
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    Has RTE had a heart attack or is it April 1st stunt?

    It suggests that RTE has gone to hospital after possibly a heart attack. Orriginally dated yesterday but maybe for april 1. Can't find any other mention of it anywhere.
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    Turboclean pc

    Has anyone tried this download and is it as good as it says it is?
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    Turkish track with 29 hairpin bends

    Highway to hell: Turkish track with 29 hairpin bends and no safety railings is named the world's most dangerous road The Bayburt D915 Road is 66 miles long with 29 hairpin bends and no railings to prevent cars plunging over edges Parts of the petrifying road are routinely closed off to the...
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    Makeshift Syrian Refugee camp near airport

    There's a makeshift camp with about 150 Syrian refugees(50 children) near the airport in Dalaman. I believe there is one lady who is on her own with 5 children and she is looking after 5 orphans as well.
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    Foreigner in Mugla request place for worship

    Foreigners living in the Aegean province of Muğla have requested that the authorities build suitable places of worship in order to allow them to better practice their beliefs. The Solidarity with Foreigners Living in Muğla Association is keen on building churches and cemeteries for foreigners...
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    Why did Aziz Sancar dedicate his Nobel Prize to Atatürk?

    Aziz Sancar is a Turkish-American scientist who on Dec. 10 received the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, shared with two other chemists. He was awarded for his work on human DNA. Sancar is the second person from Turkey to receive a Nobel Prize after Orhan Pamuk’s literary award in 2006. He...
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    Internet Law

    The Constitutional Court’s decision on Dec. 8, 2015, nullifying some of the provisions introduced in February 2014 in Law No. 5651 on Regulation of the Content Published on Internet and Struggle against Crime Committed Thereby (abbreviated by the media as the “Internet Law”) stirred up questions...
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    Fish & Chips

    A lady wrote on FB a few days ago that a certain restaurant in Dalyan did the best Fish and Chips she's had in Turkey. Unfortunately I can't find that post now so I wonder if any of the locals could direct me to the right place. Thank you.
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    Pantai sweet chili sauce

    I have bought this sauce from Kipa or Migros for a number of years but now it seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. Has anyone seen any recently, or suggest where I can get it please? Just been checking UK supermarkets and the same seems to have happened there. Pity cos it's the...
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