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    The Kurtgills

    I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago and forgot. Just in case nobody was aware, Heather Kurtgill is now working at the Denart Dental Clinic, in Manavgat. I was told a few weeks ago and that she is also trying to flog cosmetic dental work. I thought it was her when I was there last year...
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    Quiz Night

    Hello all quizzers, I am running a quiz on Sunday nights at the Kosem Garden, Kemer Mah. Starts at 8.30 pm. I couldn't give a rats bum if you don't like me, please come along and support Ibo. It won't be brain of Britain stuff, scores are consistently high and many times, I have to have a tie...
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    Video cassettes

    If there is somebody out there with a video recorder or player, apart from you Garcia, I have a massive video collection for free to a good home.
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    TV for sale

    Hi everyone, I have a 42" plasma monitor for sale. It can only be wall mounted, as I have never been able to find a stand here. It comes with two fantastic speakers that simulate surround sound and a host of other audio and colour properties. It also comes with a wall mounting plate and has a...
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    Some Turkish Legislation

    On Turkish Electricity Supply. The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) will introduce financial penalties for power companies who are responsible for electricity blackouts of more than 14 hours per day without 48 hours prior notice from next year. The annual limit will be cut to 11 hours...
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    More Tax

    I discovered a new tax today for foreigners. Up until last year, it was possible for a foreigner to register a phone every 2 years if brought from the UK. I tried to register my new phone today at the Turkcell shop, only to find out that you now have to pay 135 lira. Is anybody else aware and...
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    Smyth murder update

    The latest on the above case: Is Turkey hushing up a drink-spiking epidemic? | News & Politics | News & Comment | The First Post Please read and pass on. Also, an email received from a man involved in the case: 'As you probably have read, there was an article in the Sunday Times about my son's...
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    Love Out Of Africa

    The silver veil fell down around the angels face of gold And I wondered at the prospects of dark secrets never told. Those crystal pools, no ripple stirred, yet fire danced deep within And longings stirred within my soul, to make the pain begin. Once more, I yearned to touch and feel...
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    Ship of Love

    Ship Of Love When married life is full of stress and anger seems to reign, Just spare a thought for others, who choose single lives again. They’re now just fishes, floundering, in life’s tempestuous sea And finding there is more to life than being young and free. Those lonely souls...
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    Moonstar jeep hire

    I meant to post this 3 months ago and completely forgot but I just found the receipt. We made the mistake of renting a jeep from this company to go up to the mountains for breakfast followed by a trip to Seleukia (Lrybe). We had 3 friends over on their first trip to Turkey and they were keen...
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    Rental update

    As I stated in my previous post, the Savci wisely decided that Meliha Kaplan and her son should leave my property within 30 days, after the 5th court case that she didn't turn up for. However, I have just learned that she can appeal to another court in the same building in Manavgat. This can...
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    Rental warning

    A friendly warning to all vacant property owners, Turkish and European. Be on the lookout for a Turkish woman by the name of Meliha Kaplan and her son. She is actively looking for a property and is specifically targeting ex-pats with a sob story. I have just won a court case to evict her and...
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