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    News Meanwhile in Palestine the crimes by the Israeli government continues.

    Nothing much reporting by the western media on the regular killings and abuse by the murderous Israeli army and police.
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    Question Thermal spa hotels in Afyon

    I would like to try out some thermal spas, there seem to be plenty around but from what I gather Afyon has some of the best? Any recommendations around Antalya, proper thermal and not the usual expensive 'SPA' hotels. And if Afyon is the place then How's the drive from Antalya?
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    Info Turkiye/Turkey related YouTube channels and videos

    Having come across some good videos related to Turkey, I thought it might be useful to have a thread to share some of these with members.
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    News UK faces EU fine over Chinese imports fraud

    The British government faces paying a hefty fine to the EU after the European court of justice ruled it had been negligent in allowing criminal gangs to flood European markets with cheap Chinese-made clothes and shoes. Publishing its final ruling on Tuesday, the court concluded that the UK as...
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    News Turkish journalist arrested for insulting President Erdogan

    Tens of thousands have been charged and sentenced over the crime of insulting Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the seven years since he became president.
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    News Morocco to distribute surplus food to UK charity

    Africa sending food parcels to UK? Post-Brexit Britain relies increasingly on Moroccan fruit and vegetables...
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    Question Non-Vacinated Travelling to Turkey from and to UK

    Need some information for someone traveling to Antalya from UK. He is not fully vaccinated yet, I'm trying to find current information on the rules going and coming. As far as I can tell - for non vaccinated travellers; From UK to Turkey, you need a negative PCR test within 72hrs of travel...
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    Info Investing for long term income ?

    I read some very good information by @Ken Grubb on another thread and it got me thinking, maybe it would be good to have a thread to discuss options and strategies on investing for income. We have a lot of senior members, some retired others near to retirement and I'm not sure if everyone is...
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    News Man kicked off flight for wearing women's underwear as face mask

    Adam Jenne was ordered to disembark the United Airlines flight following his stunt -which he suggests illustrates the "absurdity" of having to wear a face covering on a plane until it reaches cruising altitude...
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    News Gang defrauding Britons, British banks nabbed in Turkey
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    News PCR tests for all arrivals to UK from 7th Dec 2021

    All international arrivals to the UK will again be required to take pre-departure Covid-19 tests, the health secretary Sajid Javid announced. The rule applies to all travellers visiting the UK or returning from a holiday, regardless of vaccination status, and will come into force from 4am on 7...
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    News Turkish watchdog slaps retailers, supplier with total of $283M fine

    Competition Authority (RK) said it has fined retailers BIM, Migros, CarrefourSA, Şok Marketler and Yeni Mağazacılık, known as A101, as well as supplier Savola Gıda a total of TL 2.7 billion for violating antitrust regulations...
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    Question Drones, are they legal in Turkey?

    Seeing some pictures from @Mushroom on another thread I was interested to know if taking and using a drone on holiday would cause any problems there?
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    Info Turkey, the destination for digital nomads.
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    Question Facebook the new Tobacco?

    Let's see if anything will come out of this or it will just die down like previous attempts to regulate social media platforms.
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    News China's drive for encouraging companies to share wealth

    China’s Alibaba Group will invest 100bn yuan ($15.5bn) by 2025 in support of “common prosperity”, it said, becoming the latest corporate giant to pledge support for the initiative driven by the president, Xi Jinping. Beijing has been encouraging companies to share wealth as part of the effort...
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    News Turkish parliament approves long-awaited animal rights bill

    Turkey introduces animal rights bill
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    Info Turkey on YouTube

    Recently while watching something on YouTube I stumbled upon some travel videos on Turkey, there are loads on daily basis. I see many about visiting and traveling in Turkey, seems like everyone is going there except it's a red zone country so not sure what the deal is, most of these are recent...
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    Info Chevron colluded with US to prosecute attorney Steven Donziger

    How can this sort of thing go on in a supposedly modern western world, I thought this was happening in a third world country. This isn't an isolated case either. I did a quick and see a lot of examples of Chevron doing similar things, a corrupt and criminal company...
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    News Sedat Peker accuses senior government figures of crimes including murder, rape, corruption and drug trafficking

    Turkish Mafia boss making dizzying claims on his YouTube channel
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