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    HSBC Leaving Turkey?

    HSBC considers exit from Greece and Turkey | Business |
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    Turkey Holiday Terror?

    In today's Daily Star. And it is headline news! What rubbish...
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    Lira Crash?

    I would like your opinion on the current state of the Turkish Lira. Although I know nobody has a crystal ball, do you think it will completely crash?
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    Cars on Altinkum front

    I've been looking at the webcam for Altinkum sea front. Didim Alt?nkum 1 canl? mobese izle kamera | Canli Mobese ?zle,Trafik ?ehir Kamera Why on earth are cars allowed to constantly drive up and down the front as though its a major road? I get delivery vehicles but others? No wonder the paving...
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    Residence Permit

    Our one year residency permit runs out end of August 2017, We are not going to renew it. Can we still come the week after on a 90 day permit? Thanks. Mel (and Anne)
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    Cost Of Solar Panels.

    Just arrived in Akbuk, Didim to our holiday home. Our 2 solar panels have blown down in the winter. Are they expensive to replace? How much should we expect to pay? Thank you. Mel (and Anne)
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    Change on Altinkum Sea Front

    Is it me? Just look at this eye sore to be built on Altinkum sea front; looks like the terminal at Bodrum airport. Totally out of character with the place. Terrible. New face of Altinkum unveiled ? Voices Newspaper Mel.
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    Delay with Residence Permit

    At the beginning of our stay of 7 and a half weeks we have applied with the help of a guy called Sami (altinkum area) for a 12 month residency permit. He said it would take about 3 weeks; and that they would text me and deliver it to our holiday home in Akbuk where I would sign for it. We are...
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    Buying Tiles in Didim?

    Anyone please know were to find the best selection of outdoor tiles to buy in the Altinkum/Didim area? Thanks, Mel
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    Now there are limits on UK Driving Licence

    Anybody affected by this (they are ALWAYS changing the bloody rules!)... Drivers License Impact - Consequences for not changing your license? in Legal - YellAli
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    Civil War In Turkey?

    ...more irresponsible reporting or not? Turkey on brink of a return to civil war: Two-year ceasefire nears collapse as rise of Islamic State sparks tit-for-tat attacks between Turkish forces and Kurdish rebels | Daily Mail Online Your views?
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    New Water Slide and Pool (Main beach in Akbuk)

    Returned to Akbuk; been here a week now. We noticed that at the back (virtually on) the main beach at Akbuk there is now a small water park and large pool that has been built. We thought that this might be for everyone (for maybe a small fee) but was told that it was part of the Ramada Hotel...
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    Selling our Duplex in Akbuk - need an honest agent

    We are thinking about the possiblity of selling our 3 bedroom Duplex in Akbuk. Can anyone recommend a good honest estate agent that maybe they have used in Akbuk/Didim? Thanks. Oh, and one more thing; stupid as it may sound, how do you determine the final selling price? Mel
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    Lousy Treatment By Doctor and Insurance

    We are currently at our Holiday Home for a so-called 8 week "break" in Akbuk, Turkey. On the morning of Monday 26th May 2014, my wife woke up and went to the bathroom and started coughing up some blood and also had a lump sensation in my throat. On recommendation, I took her to the Polyclinic...
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    Gordion Travel

    I've sent an e-mail to Gordion travel for a couple of transfers in May from Bodrum Airport to Akbuk (as we have done for the past 9 years) but had no confirmation back as yet. Do you think it is because of the Easter holidays; or anyone know if there is a problem? Thanks in advance. Mel.
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    12 months Residency Permit

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before... How do you go about getting a 12 months Residence Permit; and how quick and difficult is it to get one? We have had a Holiday Home in Akbuk for 8 years and have a savings bank account there. Thanks in advance. Mel and Anne.
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    More Wind Turbines For Akbuk.

    In my opinion, the current wind turbines in Akbuk are already a blot on the landscape; and now there are plans for 10 more. The powers that be will not be happy until they have spoiled the place with endless building.... Source - Voices Newspaper. Plans for new wind farm in Akbuk PLANS are...
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    Car Hire on a Sunday?

    Does anyone know if you can hire a car in Altinkum on a Sunday? Are the carhire shops open? Thanks.
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    Residency Permit for 2 Years...

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before. We have decided to get a Residency Permit for 2 years (we have a holiday home in Akbuk). 3 questions... How do you get it? How long does it take to get it? And how much will it be for two people? Thanks in advance. Mel (and Anne)
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    Intasure Insurance...Tax Ref Number?

    Received this from Intasure today regarding our Holiday Home. Any one know about this? Thanks..... We need your help This is an important notice about your Turkish property insurance. When you purchased your property in Turkey, you would have been allocated a Tax Reference Number and any tax...
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