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  1. Ian2006

    Size of Tank on Roof

    Is a 100 ltr chrome water tank (single tank system)with built in electric immersion heater sufficient for 2 people in a small apartment for holiday use 3 or 4 times a year? I know it is quite a small tank but for 2 people but I am also thinking it might be more efficient to heat by the solar...
  2. Ian2006

    Question UK Netflix & Amazon Prime in Turkey

    Hi - if I was to take my firestick and plug it in to the TV - will I still get the above or do I still need a vpn? Thank you.
  3. Ian2006

    Biden on Armenia

    Could this see some tensions and the lira going to 12 to £1 on Monday? Biden says Armenian mass killing was genocide Biden says Armenian mass killing was genocide
  4. Ian2006

    Doesn’t look good ???

    What’s more surprising is the reaction of the President of the European Council - Charles Michel - it’s like “everyone for themselves Ursula - I’ve got my chair and me and the boys have got work to do” Or do we look for problems and insults...
  5. Ian2006

    Stray - worth a watch

    Interview with the director on bbc radio 4 this morning. Sounds really good.
  6. Ian2006

    2 Bed - 2 Bath in Side

    Any members selling a reasonably priced furnished 2 bed - 2 Bath in excellent condition in Side? Not interested in out of town areas. Must be on a well managed "holiday" complex. Please send me a pm
  7. Ian2006

    Lemon Grove - Side

    Hi - does anyone know if the security at Lemon Grove operates all year round or is it just in the season? Thank you.
  8. Ian2006

    Short term - 1 Year Residency

    Hi - as I’m not up to date with the latest short term residency rules - could I ask a quick question. If you own a property in Turkey and get a one year residency - does the 120 day rule still exist whereby you lose your residency if you are out of the country for 120 days or more? Finally...
  9. Ian2006

    Decent Budget Hotel in Alanya

    Hi - looking to come over from Fethiye on the bus via Antalya for 5 days in first week of May. Looked at Miray Hotel but never been to Alanya so just wondered if anyone could recommend somewhere quite clean, with a pool and central :brick:
  10. Ian2006

    Water Tank - Single Tank System

    Came out a couple of weeks ago for a few month - last week noticed water coming from the little header tank and as we are in a block of four we are never sure whose tank was whose so our English site manager called out the usual site plumber who I personally don't like and don't usually use...
  11. Ian2006

    UKTV Access

    Hi - after messing around with filmon I am getting so frustrated. So is UKTV Access a better option and can I turn it on and off as I only need it 6 months of the year? Ps I currently use a dedicated hdmi tablet and throw the picture to my tv which I assume will work?? Thanks - Ian
  12. Ian2006

    Who collects CGT?

    I know capital gains is paid if sold within 5 years and I know the rates but with the increase of lira to the pound I suspect more people are liable than think they are because on a relatively average sale you could have bought something for £80,000 about 3 years ago and the lira at 2.80 to the...
  13. Ian2006

    Anyone in Dalyan thinking of moving to Fethiye?

    It's a long shot but we have a beautiful very large duplex in a great area of Calis (all paved roads, nice properties around us etc). We have it on sale (without really trying) for £79,000 and have rejected an offer of £75,000 in November as we were not ready to move and we were in the UK. We...
  14. Ian2006

    New Short Term Residency - Muhtar

    Hi - in Fethiye do you still have to get your local Muhtar to sign and stamp the Form 5 (konutta kalanlara ait kimlik bildirme belgesi)??? If so where do you get the form from as although I did it 3 years ago I can't remember - must be age :-)
  15. Ian2006

    Sunray Properties

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Maria and Debbie for a very professional / no hassle viewing experience on Thursday. We arranged the viewing a few weeks before and the place we were really interested in appeared to have been sold to a Turkish buyer (fast transaction appeal) so they...
  16. Ian2006

    For Sale - 3 / 4 bed Large Duplex - Calis Beach

    Re-Listed with Correct Video Link and Reduced - Video Working this time :thumbup: Hi Everyone – we are putting our very large duplex apartment in Calis Beach up for sale. Great location, great site – top quality build – all documentation in place – no military clearance required – solar...
  17. Ian2006

    "Example" of Owners Constitution

    Hi - on our site we have 12 apartments - and a decent sized pool - built in 2005/6. We do have 3 owners who let out in the season. We do not have a formal management committee / structure. One owners lives there full time and monitors the maintenance company to see they do s good job - which...
  18. Ian2006

    For Sale - Large Duplex - Calis Beach

    Hi Everyone – we are putting our very large duplex apartment in Calis Beach up for sale. Great location, great site – top quality build – all documentation in place – no military clearance required – solar heated water – council tax £52 pa and site fees £450 pa (2014/15). As large as a villa...
  19. Ian2006

    Hip Replacement Operation

    Our neighbour needs this operation and we wondered if anyone can give us an idea of the current price at a private hospital without SGK - so paying the full price. We have heard at some hospitals they charge for consultants fees and then the medical parts and the in care / after care separately...
  20. Ian2006

    Manchester to Dalaman - direct Winter Flights 2015

    I know they said it was going to happen from Gatwick and Manchester this year but then only happened from Gatwick - but Flythomascook have now listed their direct "winter" flights from Manchester to Dalaman starting from February 12th 2015 and it is a weekly service :D
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