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  1. judgejules53

    News Playing music time extended

    Playing music in all 81 provinces in Turkey has been extended from midnight to 01:00
  2. judgejules53

    Question Wise (formerly Transferwise)

    Wow, giddy with excitement 🤣lived here 15 years, easiest thing we've ever done 😀 living here we have found the things you think are gonna be complicated are easy, and the things you think are gonna be easy are complicated 😊
  3. judgejules53

    Question Wise (formerly Transferwise)

    Cheers IbrahimAbi, thank you for this. I'll let you know how we get on. JJ:)
  4. judgejules53

    Question Wise (formerly Transferwise)

    Hi, we are looking at using Wise to transfer money from a UK "joint" bank account to a "joint" Turkish bank account. As anybody ran into any problems with joint bank accounts, especially Turkish ones? Any useful information would be appreciated. Also, we was told yesterday that you cannot use...
  5. judgejules53

    Board of complex question

    The rule on our sitesi, is that 2 people from the same household cannot be board members.
  6. judgejules53

    Board of complex question

    You are correct, an owner can authorise proxy voter on his/her behalf, it happens on our sitesi before every official meeting, yearly AGM, or extraordinary General meetings (emergency to discuss urgent matters) EGM, and also on our sitesi an owner cannot introduce or nominate a non owner to be a...
  7. judgejules53

    Board of complex question

    Hi, that is my understanding, that you have to be a house owner to be a board member
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    Paying Annual Rates Online Question

    Have you tried inputting your tax number with your date of birth, as its asking for either sicil, kimlik number or tax number. I doubt whether tax numbers would be changed seen as it links to everything tax related, and is a must in order to get a TAPU. Just a thought :unsure:
  9. judgejules53

    Political jokes

    Really, do you know Tenpin, have you ever met him, move on! I thought this was a forum about Turkish Living? it's all UK politics, brexit and Boris!
  10. judgejules53

    Info Motoring - Buying A Vehicle in Turkey

    I would also highly recommend getting indefinite Power Of Attorneys (POA) for any/all named owners of any property owned, movable or immovable, because for whatever reason they may not be able to go to the Notary you cannot do any transactions without them, and the whole process can be stressful...
  11. judgejules53

    Watch The Lira Now

    Fuel price seen in Kuşadası 😲
  12. judgejules53

    "Corny Jokes".

  13. judgejules53


    Lifting of Coronavirus Mask Mandate to be discussed next week...
  14. judgejules53

    Vile Labour Party

    Akasya, as far as I can see it, Tenpin posts news as he finds them, which may or may not be of interest to others and I can assure you that there is absolutely no political bias one way or the other
  15. judgejules53

    SGK Payment - Can´t Find It!

    Yes I know, I forgot to write it in my reply to Harem 🤦‍♀️
  16. judgejules53

    SGK Payment - Can´t Find It!

    Hi Harem, if you click on the link below and log in under the main SGK holders name, it details at the top of the page when it expires. I cannot see the same information under my login, I have to login with my husband's kimlik number etc. Hope...
  17. judgejules53

    SGK Payment - Can´t Find It!

    We can definitely see ours, from about the 6 January it was visible. Just checked again, and I can still access it 😎
  18. judgejules53

    Residency - Address Registration System

    Hi MJL, it's Kuşadası too. I received a text recently from Aydin BSB providing a link to the site where you can check updated and correct addresses, I've attached a screenshot, it may provide useful 😀
  19. judgejules53

    Today's Weather.?

    I'm a happy camper, being warm in January, that's a bonus 😎
  20. judgejules53

    AK Sigorta

    Hi, yes it can, if you want details of our insurance broker (who speaks good English) I can send you them via DM? Jules
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