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    Info $75,000 Minimum Value on Property for Residence Permit Applications.

    @ enoch et al. Here's the info about minimum property values posted on Doc Martin's site 8/5/22, with thanks for the details.. 8/5/2022 BREAKING NEWS. {Thanks to the FAN team} $75,000 Minimum Value on Property for Residence Permit Applications. For anyone applying for a...
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    What is a Man?

    given the fuss about the definition of a woman, which seems to be so difficult these days, I wonder why no-one stops to ask 'what is a man?'. We are ignoring about 50% of the population here and they surely deserve the same attention. So, what is a man...
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    Baby names 2022

    These are the most popular names for the newborns this year.
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    RIP Charlie

    Charlie Watts Rolling Stones drummer has died.
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    Health Stories.

    I know there are threads in this section about named health matters, but there is so much general information and research about all areas of health that I thought a general reporting thread may be interesting. Here's one to start a discussion. Hope you find it interesting...
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    Veterans on Trial

    This doesn't seem right to me, what do others think?
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    Concrete in Cennetkoy

    More badly planned development for Datca in Kargi. Where will all the waste water go, as if we dont know. The bay will inevitably be polluted and irrevocably spoilt. I just hope that the building doesn't cause erosion and landslides when it rains...
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    About time!

    At last some action against the Philip Greens of this world. Let's hope it's effective.
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    Missing features

    Am I alone in finding it irritating that the thread title has been removed from the individual posts? or, is it just anno domini catching up with me and everyone else is happy with the lack of title? agree about the 'well-known member'. . . what's wrong with 'member since . . . . (date)?
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    Fake News.

    If you can't find positive news, just make it up! This is an amazing story. Worth a read.
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    Re: Interesting Article

    Re: Interesting Article From 1990 but still a good read. In 1990, a...
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    Tourist boat sinks

    A tourist boat capsized off Alanya today with one fatality.
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    State Pension & Divorced Women

    For any one who either is, or who knows of a divorced lady who is on a state pension, this may be a useful piece of news. The old State pension made provision for divorcees by allowing a divorcing woman to use her husband's NI payment record if it gave her a higher pension. However, there are...
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    Underpaid State Pension?

    It appears that some women born before 1953 who have been given a 'Married Women's State Pension', which is paid when women either paid a lower NI rate, or never worked, or only worked for a few years, or part-time, MAY have been awarded a lower than correct State pension. Where a...
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    Electrical appliance safety

    How confident are you that electrical appliances that you buy anywhere are totally safe? That includes, online, in a shop, a market stall, and manufacturers' retail outlets.
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    Dvla ban

    The DVLA has a major headache every year to ensure that no offensive numbers slip out. Here's a list of the ones they have banned from the new '20' issue. Take five with a coffee to have a laugh. Some are unbelievable...
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    Michel Roux.

    Celebrated chef Michel Roux, 78, dies Michel Roux, the chef who has died aged 78, championed the cause of excellence in English restaurant cooking for half a century; with his brother Albert, he was responsible for elevating the national reputation for food which, when the pair of them arrived...
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    MPs Payrise

    Just announced: MPs pay will go up to a shade below £82000 with the auto increase.
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    Air bnb Scam

    This is a story about a huge airbnb scam in London.If it's happening there it will be going on elsewhere too. We have also seen similar in Cardiff where owners were going against the leasehold rules and doing short term lets through some years ago. We were plagued with drunk and...
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    Avalanche deaths.

    An avalanche overnight has killed several people in Van province.
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