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  1. oldfogy

    Crypto Currencies

    Oh how many times I heard those stories back in 1998 (See comment further up the page) when I got sucked in and then the manager "refusing" to help show me how to withdraw what cash I had left, OK I finally managed to figure it out but lost 25% in the process. So as with the old adage, "only...
  2. oldfogy

    Residency Permit

    In Turkey nothing is set in stone until it's in your hand. But first time I have heard of having finger-prints being taken, maybe just the area you are in.
  3. oldfogy

    Turkish living

    Istanbul and North East Turkey are currently suffering their usual winter snows, but here in Didim we just have the usual rain downpours and this winter I think has been one of the mildest over the last few years But lockdown or not, there are plenty of people still walking and driving around
  4. oldfogy

    Holiday death in Malaysia

    Obviously a tragic death but just what do these people want, if not happy with the coroners diagnosis then let them bring her body back to the UK for a further analysisAnd yes at their expence...
  5. oldfogy


    Maybe he's going by the complaints of both the Russian and German vaccine's adverse side effects
  6. oldfogy


    Yes apart from all these new trophies, what's with this HORRIBLE new look forum, what was wrong with the old one.
  7. oldfogy

    flights cancelled again.

    Now that Easyjet say they will be removing the Centre seats Will you be travelling in isolation? or uncomfortable 2nd class.
  8. oldfogy

    BREXIT - What now ?

    This is the traitorous Jeremy Corbyn in 1986, being arrested at a picket against the trial of several IRA terrorists - including Patrick Magee, the Brighton bomber who murdered five including MP Sir Anthony Berry
  9. oldfogy

    Paras to be prosecuted

  10. oldfogy

    UK taxation rate

    Whilst we have to pay to make up the difference of the extra 5% from our Turkish interest, what is /was the situation when last year Turkey cut the interest rate 15% down to 5% & even 3%, do we then have to pay the UK treasury the difference of 15% or 17%.
  11. oldfogy

    Has anyone any experience of a company 'similar' to National Express (NE) called 'Megabus' Or maybe it might even be helpful to someone. Although I did a couple of dummy searches last night but found it not as helpful as I would of liked especially for early hours of...
  12. oldfogy

    Bristol Coach station

    Has anyone any knowledge or ever caught the bus to Bristol Airport from Bristol Coach station. Although I was told by a NE driver they run every 10 minutes. Because National Express does not seem to run to Bristol Airport on the day I'm looking at (17th April 2019 returning on 15 June 2019, but...
  13. oldfogy


    Not exactly making money, More on the lines of monitoring money. but can anyone explain how to download a statement from a Akbank account
  14. oldfogy

    Google invasion of privacy.

    Google invasion of privacy. Just what right has Google got to read my emails, in order to send me information with regards to my recent Flight booking. The following text is from a AUTOMATIC entry into the calendar on my mobile phone after I recently booked a flight to turkey, of which is not...
  15. oldfogy

    multi page Translator TR-En

    Does anyone know know of a decent 'reliable' multi-page translator program. I have a 12 page insurance document that needs to be translated into English, in one go. Up-until now I have been using ABBYY FineReader 11 to convert to a MS Word document and then selecting individual pages followed...
  16. oldfogy

    Starving Syrians

    Thousands of Syrians stuck in the Rukban camp risk starvation - World News I don't suppose sending them home could be the solution could it?
  17. oldfogy

    Maintenance none Payments

    On a serious note. It up to a owner to prove that they have paid their maintenance for a specific period that is being requested or up to the complex to prove a person has not paid? For instance I have checked the accounts for the last few years and find no record of a payment from a certain...
  18. oldfogy

    Ms exel problem

    Hi guys or Gals, I need DESPERATE HELP please asap. Yes I had this problem once before on this PC back in June and now back in Turkey on the same PC the problem has come back and I don't know how I resolved or got out of it last time. Basically when I open a new or existing worksheet and as...
  19. oldfogy

    Travel Insurance

    Or maybe I should opt for some of this. Then maybe I could claim under the never get any from you know who.
  20. oldfogy

    Didim Meet-up

    Thanks Hilsiw the comment is appreciated, yes I realise some people would not be able to make it for whatever reason such as Akbuk being a fare distance to get back to at night as I don't think Fatih does a pick-up for that distance, just more surprised at the lack of interest or/and comments...
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