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    Question Travel on Turkish Airlines from Bodrum via Istanbul to Dublin

    I hope someone can help me. The Irish authorities will accept my double vaccination certificate but now I have been told I need a PCR test to travel from Turkey. I would not have tried to travel yet but it is my Dads' 90th birthday and he is not very well. I will try and phone Turkish Airlines...
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    Animal shelter in Bodrum?

    I have two fully vaccinated spoilt housecats. Last Winter I started feeding a stray, she was a poor thing. She got pregnant and had the kittens in the cupboard on my balcony. That was 24th March. So now I have seven cats, two indoors, 5 outdoors. This is unsustainable, the poo! I understand...
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    Internet in Koyunbaba, above Gumusluk?

    Hi, only here 18 months, my second Winter approaching. I love life here, but in the Winter I really need a decent internet connection. just to watch English TV, and skype my loved ones. At the moment I have Airnet and when it is working properly it is really good. But over the last few months...
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    Bad timing!

    Just my luck! Last February I bought a small apartment in Gumusluk, now I am dismantling my home of 29 years, have been granted a career break for one year and was intending to come to Turkey and just have a year out. I have spent the last 40 years working, since I was 16 years old, and 2015 was...
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    Is gumusluk safe?

    Hi my first post. I absolutely love Gumusluk, spent 3 weeks there in 2012, 5 weeks there last Summer, and bought a tiny apartment which I am hoping to visit this summer. For part of the time I will have my daughter and grandchildren with me. I have felt much safer there than at home, on the...
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