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    Solar panels?

    Hi All we are fed up with our Combi boiler which is always letting us down with no hot water or heating plus the price of gas would it be better to replace it with Solar panels or electric heating and any idea of the cost to fit. Thanks Jodwina
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    AK Sigorta

    Hi All Does anyone know how to contact by email or WhatsApp the insurance company AK Sigorta from the UK? The office in Yalikavak seems to be closed. Our house and earthquake insurance needs to be renewed urgently and we are stuck in the UK till next year. Any help would be appreciated Jodwina
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    Garanti Bank

    Hi all Does anyone know how to phone Garanti bank from UK. Thanks Jodwina
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    Internet connection

    Hi All We are coming to Yali next year for 6 months 2 lots of 3. Does any one know if we can buy a 6 month Internet connection to use in our modem/router. Up till now have been buying 15 GBs from Turkcell which has been not very successful. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jodwina
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    Camping gas stove

    Hi All Does anyone know where I can buy a small camping stove around the Yalikavak Area. Thanks for any help Jodwina
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    For sale Sofa Bed

    Hi All Sofa bed sleeps two, never been used for sale. Offers around 500 tl Its never been used. Pickup from near the market in Yalikavak only before 10 September or after 1 October. Photographers sent by email if interested as l can't work out how to add them to this. Regards Jodwina
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    Wood Burner

    Hi Does anyone know where we can buy a small wood burning stove in or around the Yalikavak area. Thanks Jodwina
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