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    Question Kindergarten in Turkey

    My wife and I are confused about the schooling in Turkey. Do they have Kindergarten here? My wife is Turkish. She does not understand the difference between preschool and kindergarten. Son turned 5 in February. My nephew in the states just started kindergarten and he is the same age.
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    Noter price for ruhsat

    Anyone know the cost to change the ruhsat when you purchase a scooter? Is it a flat fee?
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    Do I need to register and inspect a 50cc scooter

    Buying a 50cc moped scooter Anyone know a good quality 50cc bike? My motorcycle license is expired. Looking at some small models for around town. Would like an affordable model. Not familiar with scooters and moped models and brand quality.
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    Electronic filling for RP extension.

    Been trying to file for an extension for my resident permit since they updated to the new site. Keeps saying my permit does not match anything in the system. Anyone else get this problem. Keep calling and they just say keep trying. They are working on the problem. My permit expires on Saturday.
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    Passport and residence card

    I am a US Citizen. My Residence card is expiring at the end of Feb. Was renewing my card when I found out my passport expires in May. Saw that the passport must be valid for the duration of the residence card. Will take a while for the passport to be renewed and then wait for the approval of the...
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    What is Superonline?

    Im in a new building. The phone lines have not been connected to the building yet. The phone company keeps saying they have the paperwork in and needs to be approved. Sooooooo...... no internet. When I turn on my wireless...I see a few superonline signals. They are too strong to be coming from...
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    Good quality Gas station?

    What Gas station sell good quality Diesel? Was advised that a bad tank can really cost you.
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    Tax and insurance higher for expats?

    Are foreigners, expats, charged More for tax and insurance on cars?
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    How to find 50 cc moped

    Been looking on sahibinden but there is not search for 50cc mopeds. I dont know what models are 50cc. The only one I know is the honda today 50 and they are ridiculously expensive.
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    LPG or Diesel?

    What would be the best miles per gallon (Kilometer per Lira) option LPG or Diesel? I know that LPG is cheaper but was told that it is used up faster than benzin. What would be cheaper on the wallet in the long run? Day to day cost?
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    Buying a NEW car in Turkey

    Looking at New cars. Been searching for used cars but they are only a few thousand dollars less than a brand new one. So many makes and models we dont have in the states. We need a family car. Not too big but a good size trunk. Any recommendations? Any Makes (companies) of cars that are less...
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    Vehicle history check

    Heard there was a way to do a vehicle history check. Anyone know how? And what does it tell you? Thanks.
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    Looking for english speaking Psychiatrist.

    Looking for an english speaking Psychiatrist in the Izmir proper area. Thanks.
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    AVEA Bill going up.

    AVEA phone bill. I signed up for the 29,99 plan. It is 3gb data and 600 min talk. But my bill is 49tl. Every time I go to an AVEA store...they can not bring up my account. Always problems with there computer every time I have a question.
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    Anyone have a USA stamp?

    Anyone in the alsancak/balcova area? Thanks.
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    Can I switch Turkish win XP to english?

    Got a hand me down from the inlaws. Its a huge gaming computer. Uses WIN xp. Can I change it to english or do I have to install a new OS?
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    Not land line available or cable hook up.

    In a NEW building in a new area. The lines for cable and phone service are not run to the building. May not be available for...................... Can I get internet service through a satellite provider? I stream US TV so I dont think a cell phone data service would work....unless they have an...
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    Anyone use WVO diesel here in Turkey?

    Anyone using waste vegetable oil (WVO) in Turkey? Was wondering if it was some law preventing people from taking advantage of free fuel. Maybe it has to do with emissions testing, not paying fuel tax or some reason restaurants dont want to give up there oil.
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    On demand water heaters Vs. Boilers

    Not sure if this would be the right forum or if I am comparing apples to apples. In our area we are limited to Geothermal heating. It is a new building and it is not hooked up. Would cost about 3k TL to hook up. Cant get a straight answer. If the Geothermal heats our water or just the radiators...
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    Samsung Galaxy problems.

    READ ALL BEFORE REPLY. Bought a Samsung Galaxy Mega. I like it. Its huge. Just wanted something obscene and an ice breaker. Not a bad phone. But has some possible issues. Not sure if they are issues or just cause its a cheaper phone. The internet browsing is really slow. I downloaded speed test...
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