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    Just had to do this.

    We have sold up in Kalkan and left the country, there are no regrets, there is no sadness, just an almost overwhelming sense of relief. Turkey is now, not the country we fell in love with (perhaps in truth we were guilty of the rose tinted specs in the first place) I feel it is heading down...
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    Price of petrol & diesel (September '15)

    Can anyone tell me the cost of a litre of petrol and diesel at the moment in Turkey please.
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    Max Clifford . . . GUILTY!

    How many others? MAX CLIFFORD accused of procuring children to Stringfellows night club 27 MAY 2013 part 2 of 2 - YouTube surely people in "high places" have been getting away with paedophilia for too long now, the "Old boys network" has covered up well for each other! Watch this guy's videos...
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    Public Liability Insurance?

    We insure through Intasure just so we can get Public liability cover, we rent out and in today's litigative it surely has to be a must, . . . . . my question is do any of you out there have this through Turkish insurance as Intasure's latest renewal price is HEAVY!
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    Turkey or France?

    Our place in Kalkan is for sale Villa Katmar | Luxury Villa in Kalkan, Turkey or . . . Villa For Sale in Kalkan | Super Resale Four/Five Bedroom Villa in peaceful location, with lovely views of Kalkan and the Bay (now at £190,000 and quite a few refinements since this site was built)we had...
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    will my March Visa cover me for June.

    I got a visa stamp at Dalaman Airport on 21st March, I know under the usual rules I would be able to do multiple entries doing no more than 90 days in 180, but now the "e visa" is in force I'm wondering whether I will have to get another for my June trip or will my March one still do?
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    Thank God I found Kalkan first!

    BBC 1 showing a program called "Holiday Hit Squad" they showed Marmaris last week and Bodrum this week, I dare say had we found either of these first we would never have gone back to Turkey. Thank God we found Kalkan! Having said that they also showed Çıralı, we have stayed there and it is...
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    A sigh of relief.

    In September '13 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was lucky it was detected early and following surgery in January '14 I have today been told I am clear, the surgery was robotic and relatively easy (no pain) and I was back at work just over two weeks later. I want to sing the Gospel...
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    Panorama, Britain's Secret Terror Force

    Any one see this? Are we surprised that there were undercover forces given carte blanche to take out known I R A activists? Scary and very controversial stuff!
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    If you've nothing useful to say, say nowt!

    Why is that people feel the need to comment or criticize on something they know little or nothing about?
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    Nice pics of your town

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    Sterling dropping?

    Deniz Bank's website shows 2 columns on their Currency Rates "Change rate" & "Exchange rate" can anyone tell me which is the one to check when exchanging sterling to Turkish lira? Is it looking like sterling is going to drop much further in the near future? Cheers, Martin
  13. H to sell Villa?

    Hi has anyone actually used this to try selling their property?, I have seen Altinkum Kev has used it to buy a speed boat (Lucky you) and have looked at it, there are an aweful lot of villas/properties on there and advertising it would seem is free, however I understand you can...
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    Buy a villa, get10% (plus) Per Annum.

    want decent return on your money? get 10% p.a. plus a superb villa in a beautiful holiday destination for yourselves, 5 bedroom villa with private pool and amazing sea views for less than the price of a terraced house in the south of England. Villa Katmar, luxury private holiday villa in...
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    For sale in Kalkan.

    Hi All, Although I am not much of a contributor I am a regular reader of the forum, my wife and I are gearing up for retirement and the plan/dream is to live more or less full time in Turkey, I have found such a lot of good advice on here over the past 6 years and for that I thank you all...
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    Mortgage on Turkish property?

    has anyone had experience of getting a mortgage on a Turkish property they already own? We are thinking of releasing equity from ours to buy property in the UK.
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    Baby shops Antalya?

    Hi All, does anyone know of any shops in Antalya (preferably near Koctas) that do baby stuff . . . similar to Mother care. We are looking to buy some safety gates for across stairwells.
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    Ferry from Rhodes to Kas?

    Hi ALL, I honestly don't remember whether I have introduced myself, if not please accept my apologies, I regularly look at the forum and find it informative and interesting but now I have a question I hope someone may be able to help with, we have a villa in Kalkan which we rent out, we have an...
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