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  1. essex_girl

    Free books - English

    I have well over 100 English books, some good hardbacks and lots of paperbacks to get rid of. It would be great if someone wanted them for charity. Please PM me if you are interested in collecting them this week. I am in Turgutreis.
  2. essex_girl

    International or domestic?

    We are flying Turkish Airlines to London via Istanbul from Bodrum and would like to know whether we should check in at domestic or international departures at Bodrum airport. Our luggage will go straight through from Bodrum to London. Your help would be appreciated and could potentially save us...
  3. essex_girl

    Turkcell online data PAYG top up

    Is anyone able to tell me how I can top up my payg data for my iPad please? Many thanks
  4. essex_girl

    Robbed, while we were sleeping.....

    Broken into during the early hours of Saturday morning whilst asleep in bed! Can't believe we didn't wake up. Not much taken but feel upset. Now in the market for alarm system; bars on windows etc. etc. and if it happens again will be looking for an Emlak. Jandarma said several places were...
  5. essex_girl

    Piano keyboard

    Has anyone got ant ideas where I can buy a piano keyboard in the Bodrum area please? Don't want to spend too much.... It is just for practising. Thank you
  6. essex_girl

    PAYG SIM ipad2 Turkey

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to buy PAYG Sim for ipad2 in Turkey please? If so, any idea of cost? Many thanks
  7. essex_girl

    Company risk...

    We own a company which was registered with Chamber of Commerce and pay monthly fees etc. We bought the company so that we could own our house. We didn't choose to buy this way, we were lied to by our emlak and then had no other choice. Today a turkish neighbour told us that there was a risk...
  8. essex_girl

    Looking forward to tomorrow...

    After a great six weeks holiday, three in Turkey, I am back to school tomorrow. Really looking forward to meeting my new year 7s and seeing how much all the others have grown. We are always reminded at the beginning of term that whilst we as teachers have all probably enjoyed our holidays...
  9. essex_girl

    Sold - delighted!

    We decided to sell our house in Kadakalesi last summer and put it with several agents. The only agent that contacted us and showed people around our property was Kagan at Pozitif. in Turgutreis He found buyers for us in February, military clearance came through a couple of weeks ago and...
  10. essex_girl

    Sheddy Plastiky Depoty thingumy

    Does anyone know anywhere other than Koctas where I can buy an outside storage thingumy bob to put my parasols and sunbeds in please? I am in Turgutreis. Many thanks
  11. essex_girl

    Turkcell Internet and UKTVaccess

    Hi..I am in Turkey and have bought and using Turkcell dongle successfully to access the Internet. I then paid my subscription for UKTVaccesss which I seem to have setup and connected to but which does not then allow me to access the Internet. I made sure I was connected to Internet via...
  12. essex_girl

    Pay As You Go IPad chip

    Does anyone know where I would be able to get a Pay As You Go IPad chip in Turgutreis please? If you know which is the best one too, I would be very happy to know. Thanks
  13. essex_girl

    Buy one get two free Easter eggs

    Just been on to Tesco online to order my groceries for the weekend and they have an offer on some of the Easter eggs. Buy one for £2.50 and get two free!!! Max 12 per customer. I have ordered 12 cadburys buttons eggs. I will need to hide them and try to forget I have them so I don't eat them...
  14. essex_girl

    cream or creme fraiche?

    Can someone tell me the turkish for these two items please? Can I get them in Kippa or Migros? Many thanks:46:
  15. essex_girl

    Euro to Sterling advice please

    I hope someone can help me... Really pleased to report that we have sold our house in Turgutreis and received deposit!! We have agreed to accept payment in Euros but will need to transfer this to sterling for use in UK. Does anyone know the best and cheapest way we can do this please? Many thanks
  16. essex_girl

    Military zone...obtain tapu in own name?

    Friends just sent me this article: Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Draft brings 'axis shift' in property sales Could this mean that those of us who bought in a military zone might be able to get tapus in our name and save money on accountancy fees??
  17. essex_girl

    Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals

    Just made Jamie's butternut squash and cauli curry with all the trimmings...including lemon pickle....lovely...even if I do say so myself. All recipes on Internet. Made the red thai curry last week but having made a couple of substitutes, couldn't get the lime leaves, wasn't as great as I...
  18. essex_girl

    Good Turgutreis Emlak wanted!!

    I have a house for sale in Kadikalesi and wondered whether anyone could recommend a good Emlak in Turgutreis please?
  19. essex_girl

    Calling for an ambulance..

    My friend is visiting our house in Turgutreis and asked me how to get an ambulance in an emergency. Should she call the policlinic or hospital? I am ashamed to say I have no idea. Of course, she only speaks English which would complicate matters. It would probably be easier to ask a Turkish...
  20. essex_girl

    Compulsory Swimming Pool Course

    According to the people who manage our site, those who tend pools in Turkey have now got to pass a training course in order to practice. Bodrum municipality is running a 3 day course this weekend. Has anyone else heard about this?
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