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  1. SHAWY

    Do you remember these.

    1-- Because I said so. 2-- Wait and see. 3-- Ask your father. 4-- No pudding unless you finish your dinner. 5-- If someone asked you to jump of a cliff would you. 6-- I,ve told you a thousand times. 7-- Say pardon not what. 8-- What did your last slave die of. 9-- You will have some ones eye out...
  2. SHAWY

    A Lawyer Story.

    BEST LAWYER/INSURANCE STORY OF THE YEAR, DECADE, AND POSSIBLY THE CENTURY. This actually took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then insured them against, among other things, fire. Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile...
  3. SHAWY

    Eating in the UK in the 50s

    For those who are old enough to remember - enjoy. For the rest - it's a history lesson...!! Very surprising how time and memory has taken its toll. Have things really changed this much in our time? EATING IN THE UK IN THE FIFTIES Pasta had not been invented. Curry was a surname. A...
  4. SHAWY

    Smokin Joe Frazier

    Just been on the news,The great Joe Frazier has been diagnosed with liver cancer.If he fights it the way he fought in the ring there,s only one winner.
  5. SHAWY


    Just heard Roberto Mancini has left Man City by mutual consent.
  6. SHAWY

    Watch repair.

    Hy,can anyone point me in the right direction of a good reliable honest watch repairer (designer watch).Akbuk,Didim,Altinkum or Bodrum, Thanks. shawy.
  7. SHAWY

    No tv.

    Has anybody else been affected by the lightening,as in telly going on the blink we have a dream box and receive our channels through the computer. Nothing wrong with the pc but nothing at all the TV. I have read on voices that we are going to be losing the reception on 19th Dec. (Man.U V Chelsea...
  8. SHAWY

    Slow cooker

    Hy all at TLF can anyone help my wife to find out where she could buy a slow cooker in or around Akbuk, If we have to go farther afield so be it. ( please dont tell her to turn the heat down) Thanks in advance for any advice. Shawy
  9. SHAWY

    Satisfied customer

    Hello I read lots of remarks on this forum about mistrust in Turkey and people having problems not receiving there Tapus.I would like to sing the praises of Sevim+John at AKBUK ESTATE who have just completed the sale of our new villa in Akbuk.From selecting property on our first visit in June...
  10. SHAWY


    What is the meaning of the word BELEDIYE
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