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  1. holidayworld

    2 Bed Villa FOR SALE in UZUMLU £46.000

    The property is in UZUMLU in the MUGLA area near to Fethiye. Accommodation. The Property comprises of:- Ground Floor. Lounge & Kitchen An L shaped lounge with Air-Con & fitted Kitchen - tilt and turn window in the kitchen – lounge & Kitchen size 38.82m – 5 Double Glazed windows some with...
  2. holidayworld

    FORSALE Fiat Palio Weekender

    NOW SOLD Fiat Palio Weekender Fiat Palio Weekender ESTATE CAR 1.6 Very good condition with MB plate - PETROL & GAS - Front air bags – Air-Con – ABS – Central locking – Alarmed – Power Steering - Stereo – 5 good tyres and Loads more. Everything Paid up to date. 11.250 YTL call 05734737793 ask...
  3. holidayworld

    LTD Company for FREE

    Hi All Does any one Need or Want a LTD Company for FREE ??? if the answer is YES then Contact me ASAP as it needs to be sorted with in the NEXT week. At the moment it normaly Cost's £1000 or more to set a LTD Company up but if there is anyone who needs one which can almost do anything in Turkey...
  4. holidayworld

    Earthquakes in Uzumlu

    Did anyone else feel the Earthquake last night in Uzumlu?? it was strong so did anyone get any damage??
  5. holidayworld

    ADSL now in Uzumlu

    Just to let anyone know who live in Uzumlu you can now get ADSL from this friday 16th june so go get it. :307bt:
  6. holidayworld

    Purchasers of YANIKLAR Project Warning.

    Just to inform anyone that has an Apartment ot Villa with ...... estates at YANIKLAR YOU will have a very big problem with them either Selling or even Renting them out as there are NO TAPU's NO NOTHING, so watch out if you have bought one or are even looking at ...... Estates in Fethiye they...
  7. holidayworld

    was: Would you TRUST an Estate Agent now: Remedies & Solutions?

    HI All I've been reading loads of postings from people on this forum and a lot of them are Estates Agents but they don't tell you this i.e. work for or own the Company but if you read a lot of what they are saying or "not saying" It makes you wonder if you would really trust any of them, I...
  8. holidayworld

    Beware of Some Estates Agents.

    Just thought I would let people know that there has been problems with an Estate Agent called Bella who worked for REDTECH from what I've been told by a customer she has been RIPPED of by her for a lot of money. Putting thousands on the price and also charging more than normal for Lawyers i.e...
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