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  1. janA

    Villa for sale

    Triplex villa for sale near Akyaka/Gokova £68,000 Semi detached triplex villa for sale on small sites in a small village called Atakoy, 5 minutes from the resort of Akyaka . Wooden staircase and fitted wooden wardrobes in the bedrooms.Ground floor has living room with laminate floor, 2 patio...
  2. janA

    hospitality lounges Istanbul airport

    This may sound thick but I am a little confused. We are flying through Istanbul Ataturk next month and have 9 hours inbetween flights so hoping to use one of the hospitality lounges. Now are the lounges before checkin?, as I we will have our cases with us and cannot see them letting us through...
  3. janA

    Emlak Contracts

    We have been trying to sell our house for about 5 years now privately. In January this year we were approached by Reality/TR who gave us the sales pitch, we are the best, we advertise globally and we promise we will sell your house with in a year.They were advertising in Dubai, Russia, Germany...
  4. janA

    Table top sale

    If any one is in the Gokova area tomorrow for their weekly market, Gokova Belidye Parki will be hosting their first TABLETOP SALE , we have 16 stalls and will include household goods, second hand clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, and homemade produce. Please all come along and bring your friends and...
  5. janA

    Pamukkale coach service

    Can anyone tell me if the Pamukkale bus service to and from Izmir is running to schedule. We are looking to get the bus late evening from Izmir to Gokova (Ortacer one) in February and there is one at 12.30am according to their website. Thought we would'nt book just turn up at the bus station but...
  6. janA

    Izmir airport long term parking

    We are flying from Izmir airport with FLYPGS in February and back 11 days later and i have just been looking into their long term parking fees. It says on their website 15 days 128 lira but when you put a calculation in for 11 days it comes up at 262 lira which is a tad expensive. I have...
  7. janA

    Hotels near Izmir airport

    We have a late flight into Izmir airport early next year and if the weather is bad we may decide to stay overnight instead of traveling straight back to Gokova. Can anyone recommend a good reasonable priced hotel near the airport. (does'nt have to be right on the airport though). As long as its...
  8. janA

    Abandoned Kitties looking for homes

    Peter and Chloe are two little kittens and are brother and sister, they were named by my four year old grandaughter. Peter and Chloe were dumped in the forest near us at about 3 weeks old with their two brothers who have since found new homes. My friend Sonia has lovingly reared them and are now...
  9. janA

    Villages near Milas Bodrum in rabies scare

    Actual: Mu?la 12 villages rabies scare 12 Villages have been quarantined near Milas after a rabid fox was caught by a shepherd dog and has since died
  10. janA

    Free flight

    I have a friend got a free flight to give away as they had to go back to Uk early due to a family emergency, just to pay for the name change, Flythomascook Friday 20th Sept 2013 Tcx4583 dalaman (dlm) to Birmingham (bhx) 00.15 Hand luggage only. anyone interested and i will pm a contact number
  11. janA

    Bloody Ryanair!!

    Our son is getting married in Ireland next February, so me wanting to be prepared booked our flights. Going Izmir to Stansted with Pegasus then Stansted to Dublin with Ryanair. With a two hour wait inbetweeen flights i thought job sorted. We then co ordinated our flights with other family...
  12. janA

    Pointer bitch

    Another pleas for a home folks, this young pointer girl was found dumped at our local rubbish dump in Akyaka with a litter of puppies, she was rescued by a friend of ours and found a safe place to bring up the puppies, the puppies have now been sorted but mum still needs a home she has been...
  13. janA

    Slow worm

    Does anyone know if there are slow worms in Turkey. I took the dogs out late last night and came across a creature slithering behind our car. It looked like a very large worm (about 12-16 inches) long but had a snake type head, it did'nt move fast like a snake would, it was a muddy brown colour...
  14. janA

    Kaolin (pediatric) in Turkey?

    Does anyone know if you can buy Kaolin (pediatric) in Turkey at the chemist?, or a turkish alternative. Bit like the adult version kaolin and morphine for tummy problems?
  15. janA

    He's moved...beware

    Just heard the dodgy emlak who caused us and a few others here grief, plus a few thousand lira has located from Marmaris to Antalya. He must have upset alot in Marmaris, i am led to believe he was hounded out. So the people in Antalya beware. I wont put his name on here as i was subjected to...
  16. janA


    Posting for a friend, the mum gave birth in their garden and has been ill so they have more or less hand reared these pups. They are about 5 weeks old but because mum has no milk they are fully weaned. There are 5 looking for homes, all different colours 3 girls and 2 boys and are in the...
  17. janA

    Arcelik oven

    Arcelik slot in oven for sale. Good working order but needs middle glass replacing, hence price 50 lira Uploaded with
  18. janA

    Dining room table and 6 chairs

    For sale dark wood extending dining table and 6 chairs. Cost over 1000 lira when new. For sale at 350 lira. One or two marks on table as shown in photo Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with FOR SALE IN GOKOVA AREA
  19. janA

    Mobile phone

    I have just upgraded my Samsung tocco phone to a Samsung galaxy ace (both bought in the Uk) so i can get better wifi and connect with family in Uk.I have registered my new one this week so i decided to sell my old one (only 2 years old) to a friend.They have fetched me it back as the say their...
  20. janA

    For Sale - Kite surfing equipment

    Advertising for a friend.Kite Surfing equipment, all nearly new, Gaastra force 8.00 m Rhino pro/g 12.00 m North Rhino 12.00 m Gaastra Mar 16.00 m those are kite's Kite board (Naish) 5'3 inch/159 cm 2x control bar (Gaastra) (Prolimit mach 2) Harnfess (Radsails) Life jacket (Brunotti) ankle leash...
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