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  1. croftj

    Absolutely Altinkum

    Mushtaq can you advise how I can get back onto AA as despite getting my password re set I can't log in again. I've tried getting a new password and even registering under a different name (I am St Domingo on AA) but all to no avail, so currently i'm an ex AA member:Cry::Cry:
  2. croftj

    Boris Car Crash Interview

    The TLF Klan are remarkably quiet today about Boris's bumbling interview on Radio 4 yesterday. Wonder if/when they wake from their slumber, they will give him the same treatment they dished out re Diane Abbott (who I think was rightly slated BTW for her interviews) :42::hearnoevi
  3. croftj

    Missing Thread

    I started a thread called Keyboard Warrior last night but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared :hmm: Can any of the mods shed any light on this?
  4. croftj

    Beer in Turkey

    On our latest visit to Altinkum it was good to see that the range of beers/lagers on offer is growing and you now have more of a choice. Alongside 'normal' Efes you now have Efes White, Efes Amber, Efes Red, Efes Malt, Efes Pilsner and Efes Bomonti then you've got Tuborg Gold and Amber also a...
  5. croftj

    Kelvin McKenzie Petition

    Petition regarding Kelvin McKenzie and the Sun Some may wish to sign ........some may not
  6. croftj

    What A Perfect Day

    Yesterday started like any other Saturday with the added bonus of the result of the Labour Leadership race to be announced. I had 3 wishes but surely they couldn't all come true: Midday arrived Corbyn landslide announced...... get in there one down 2 to go:) Now the big one and yes that came...
  7. croftj

    New Name

    Can anyone advise how i can change my log in name from croftj?
  8. croftj

    Good Turkish Restaurant in Liverpool

    Found a really good Turkish restaurant in Bootle, Liverpool called Yasemine 9 of us went last night and all of our meals were excellent we will certainly be going back and can highly recommened it
  9. croftj

    Lets Altinkum

    With a lot of the doom and gloom going on in Altinkum at the moment with unscrupulous builders, uncertainty about law changes etc we would like to comment on the absolutely fabulous service we have had from all the staff at Lets Altinkum. It is fair to say that the last couple of months have...
  10. croftj

    Penalty Clauses

    Please see below my response to a the thread in the Bodrum Forum. Is there anyone who could offer advice on the subject of penalty clause written into contracts Hi Cally we are also in the same position as our apartment was not completed until 6 months after the completion date and we had a...
  11. croftj

    Property maintenance / Deeds

    We have just returned from Altinkum and our 2 bed apartment, which is near to the Esra / Sky Bar / Second beach, is finally ready after a lenghty delay and the swimming pool is now up and running. We have been quoted a yearly price of £350 by the builder for the maintenance / cleaning of the...
  12. croftj

    Transfer Bodrum - Altinkum

    We recently received an e mail from tourguide@turkishlivingforums advertising a pick up service from the airport and quoting some prices. I enquired about this and received a relpy from someone by the name of Ersan Alper. Can anyone advise if they have used this service before and is it...
  13. croftj

    curtains /blinds/furniture/white goods

    We are coming to Altinkum on May 8th to furnish our 2 bed apartment can anyone recommend a place were we can buy curtains and blinds. Also require furiture,beds and white goods. We checked out prices in several shops when in Altinkum in October and most appeared evenly matched - any suggestions...
  14. croftj

    John & Ellen

    Hello everyone we have just joined the forum and are in the process of buying a property in Altinkum so any advice will be much appreciated. Also still trying to work out how to use site so again any advice will be much appreciated. Our property near Third Beach is due to be completed in...
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