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    Just a little tip for you all. If you buy something and have to keep the receipt, if you have the means to do so, photocopy it as soon as you get home and pin the photocopy to the front of the original receipt and staple it to the instruction manual for your purchase. The reason for this is...
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    Re: Missing Cat

    Re: Missing Cat Hi there, our neutered male black and white cat has been missing from the Sarilar/Manavgat/Side area for 3 weeks now and wondered if anyone had seen him. He is a year old and is very friendly with a wonderful personality. If you have either seen him or know anyone that has...
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    Re: Good luck

    Re: Good luck Good luck to Ann and Sally Ann on Sunday, hope the weather is good to you for the sale of your wonderful christmas cards and fantastic christmas crackers. We bought some last year and were so impressed with the contents that we've bought the luxury ones this year. Also...
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    Re: Sesame seeds

    Re: Sesame seeds Hi, does anyone know where I could buy some black sesame seeds please? I have toasted white ones but need black ones for a recipe. I'm in the Manavgat/Side area! Thanks.
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    cigars in Antalya

    where can i buy decent cigars in antalya
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    Re: DVD's

    Re: DVD's I wonder if I could enlist your help please? Has anyone purchased any Mickey Flanagan DVD's at any of the table top sales please? If so, could you please let me know as we loaned them to someone who asked if they could borrow then and never got them back. They were a present to us...
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    Re: Gelatine

    Re: Gelatine Hi there, was in Migros on the D400 today and there is a stand which does cake decorating paraphanalia and guess what we found, SHEET GELATIN which I believe is made by Kenton! We've been looking for absolutely ages for this, looking on the website etc but there it was, right on...
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    Re: Gelatine

    Re: Gelatine Hi there, having found a couple of sources who have got me some food colouring and some helpful websites to obtain various foodstuffs, I am now looking for sheet gelatine! We managed to get some powdered gelatine and one of the websites suggested only do 1kg packs for the...
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    Re: Food colouring

    Re: Food colouring Hi there, I wonder if anyone out there can help me please? We've been looking for food colouring around the Manavgat/Side area and can't find it anywhere. We've also looked in Macro in Terra City and even they didn't have any! You can get coloured icing but not actual...
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    Re: Upright Steam Cleaners

    Re: Upright Steam Cleaners Hi there, could anyone let me know the best upright steam cleaner I can get over here please as our feedback on the best brand would be very helpful. Thank you and look forward to your replies.
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    Re: Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Re: Upright Vacuum Cleaner Does anyone have to sell, or do you know anyone who would like to sell a decent, upright British vacuum cleaner? The vacuum cleaners over here are not sturdy enough for the job in hand and have been looking for one for over 5 years. I had a Sinbo cylinder cleaner...
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    Re: Chiropractor

    Re: Chiropractor Many moons ago, I asked if anyone knew of a chiropractor in Turkey and someone replied that you would not find one as it was considered witchcraft! Well, I have found one and he is in Alanya. It is worth the trip from Manavgat to Alanya for treatment which combines...
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    Re: Gas Fire

    Re: Gas Fire Has anyone got a gas fire they want to sell or do you know someone who is selling one? If so, could you please send me a message and I will give you my mobile number to get details. If the fire has a fan on it, not a problem. I know there are many people who are selling up and...
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    Re: Tax Back on State Pensions

    Re: Tax Back on State Pensions Hi, I've seen some posts on here that says you can claim tax on pensions (would that be state pensions by any chance) as we've lived here permanently for 5 years and have our pensions paid into our Turkish bank account! We have no connection whatsoever with the...
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    Re: White Chinchilla Kitten

    Re: White Chinchilla Kitten Hi there, I live near Side and I'm looking for a white Chinchilla kitten. Does anyone know if there are any available please. If so, please let me know. Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Feral Kitten

    Re: Feral Kitten Three weeks ago, we went to our friends birthday party at Milkum and we ended up coming home with a beautiful feral kitten who didn't have feral behaviour at all. We took him to the vet on Monday to get him checked out as his tummy wasn't quite right so he had to go back on...
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    Re: Elton John concert

    Re: Elton John concert Elton John is to appear at the Expo Centre on 9th September and wondered if anyone knew how much the tickets are? Your feedback would be most appreciated. Thank you.
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    Turk Telecom

    I have been reading posts on here regarding the residents permits and have seen the goalposts change immeasurably since we've been here. When we first moved here, we managed to obtain a 3 year permit and during that time, the format changed where they had to be renewed every year! The...
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    Re: Residence Permits

    Re: Residence Permits Hi folks, over the last few months I have heard that you are unable to do your application renewal online. Well, I have news for you, I did mine yesterday so it looks as though the glitch in the system has been righted. You can also pay online now which you couldn't do...
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    Re: For Sale

    Re: For Sale Singer sewing machine, almost new hardly used. Available after 28th May when the seller will be in Side. 150 lira. Please message me if you are interested.
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