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    Private mail as me stumped!

    I would be grateful if anyone can explain this please, as it has me totally stumped and confused. This afternoon I sent a text to a colleague (on my mobile) straight after my phone beeped and thinking it was my colleague replying I looked at my text ( which was apparently from her and when I...
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    Tv series starring 'the brothers'

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help me locate a tv series in the late 60's or 70's. it was about a family which I think consisted of 3 brothers and they owned a haulage company. It was a bbc series and based in England. My mum thinks its called 'the brothers', but I can't get any info on...
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    Extremely sad, the forgotten pensioner

    This article really upset me as a couple of years ago my mum was and still is quite ill. After being ill for a few weeks my mum went to her doctor to try and get help, her doctor just 'dismissed' her, with no medication or aftercare. My mum is 81. Luckily I was on a off chance visit (I live...
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    The perfect Christmas cake?

    As we are planning a big family get together this year I plan to have a go at making this, this year! Looking at all my cookery books I'm so confused as each one has there own method. My family have a very sweet tooth - have any of you any tips please for the perfect Christmas cake? How do...
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    Amazing service from Amazon

    For all you kindle lovers out there, I thought I'd share this with you. Whilst on holiday my kindle broke ( Think I sat on it!!!!) and the words went all weird. Well, wasnt too worried - I had the receipt and it was under warranty,(paid extra for the warranty) so last week plodded off to pc...
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    Keeping the thieves away

    Hi everyone, I've just heard there has been a daytime burglary at our complex in altinkum. I'm due to go out with my young son on monday but will be alone until my husband arrives a few days later, and I'm now extremely nervous and urgently require information on the best security grids for...
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    Altinkum - Dalaman transfer

    Hi, Does anyone know a very reliable transfer company who will take me from altinkum to dalaman airport? I have used maxi tours in the past - (to and from bodrum) but when I tried to book transfers with them online to dalaman they wouldnt accept the booking. As dalaman airport is a few hours...
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    Altinkum - Bikes Wanted, Ladies and a Boy's aged from 11

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have a couple of bicycles for sale please - One Boys (age 11) and one ladys/unisex bike in the altinkum area? Or can anyone tell me where I can buy a couple of (very) cheap bikes in altinkum please? A million thankyous in advance. Linda & Tony
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    Seville ( Dentist in Altinkum)

    Hi, Does anyone have a email address for this dentist who operates in Altinkum. Not sure if I've spelt her name correctly, but if i remember correctly her practice is close to dominos pizza. I'm looking for prices and want to contact her before I go out in case she needs to see current...
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    Condiminum Law ?

    Hi all, - Condominium Law Can anyone tell me what this law is please? And does anyone have a copy of it in English please? I would be grateful if anyone can explain to me and perhaps email me a copy of this law. Many thanks, Linda
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    BGT 'Pudsey & Ashleigh'

    Well done Pudsey and Ashleigh on tonights Britains Got Talent. Absolutely fantastic and I'm now going to try and teach my dopey dog to dance!!!!!!!!! p.s well done to all the other runner ups. Linda
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    Ayhans UK bank details please

    Dear All, I am currently involved in legal action against Mr Tavaci's wife because I paid money into her account. I have information they are opening and closing bank accounts in the UK. Please PM me if any of you have paid money into Mrs Tavacis account in the UK, this applies to any of...
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    Furniture Removal/or Storage from Altinkum to UK

    Hi, Does anyone know if I get furniture stored in Altinkum or brought back to the UK. Many Thanks Sapphire
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    Ayhan Tavaci of Aymet Homes

    Ayhan is advertising on his website 'We are proud of our good reputation & customer service' Maybe Ayhan should rewrite this and say ' we are proud of lying to our customers for 5 years and then blackmailing them for £10,000 + or your apartment is gone. By the way Ayhan How did you rebuy...
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    Aymet Homes should readvertise 'we can make your nightmares come true'

    Hi everyone, I see Aymet homes have updated their website. They make me sick. They're advertising Yasemin apts all sold - they should readvertise and say Auctioned off due to Ayhans Debts. I pity anyone planning to buy off him and his family. How dare he say he has no money. Where did he...
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    Apartment auctioned off - Urgent Advice Reqd

    Dear all, I bought and paid in full for my lovely 2 bedroom apartment 5 years ago and I've been told it is now up for auction very soon (1 - 2 months time) and if I dont come up with £10000 I lose it. I've been trying to get funds for the last month but unfortunately I cannot come up with...
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