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    Temple of Apollo - Ramadan Opening

    Hi, does anyone know if the Temple of Apollo will be open next Friday and Saturday (17th/18th July 2015) during the Ramadan holiday? Thanks.
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    Furniture Makers?

    Hi, I wish to have a cabinet made out of foil board to match some exisitng cheap but cheerful stuff that I have from IKEA. Can anyone recommend someone who whould be able to knock something up for me quite quickly in the Bodrum area? THx Brian
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    Lakeside Garden AGM - 6th May

    We are now less than 2 weeks away from the first Lakeside Garden AGM on 6th May. Many owners are attending and many others have arranged proxy votes. I am sure that this will be a very interesting meeting. Although Artev will be attending as they still own a number of properties, I have also...
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    Bargilya Ruins

    Hi, Does anyone know where the actual ruins of Bargilya are? There is supposed to be a temple and an altar, but I have never managed to find them myself. I'm back in 3 weeks on Lakeside and I'd like to check them out. Thx Brian
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    TAPUs and Owners Management Board

    I have bought an apartment on a complex of 262 properties. 1) Although the site is finished it appears that those wh have received their TAPUs have received Kat İrtifakı and not Kat Mülkiyeti suggesting that the site is not ready. They have been informed that the developer will apply for Kat...
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    Condominium Law 634 in English

    Hi, does anyone have a translation of Law 634, and amendment Law 5711 in English. The Law 634, as amended by 5711 can be found in Turkish at I wish to know what rights owners have and the legal requirements for managemnt plans. I am assuming that...
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