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    Question Good Dentist in Marmaris

    I’m in marmaris presently with tooth pain. Could someone recommend a dentist please and if dentists work on sundays. I was going to go to the AHU private hospital but maybe someone has better knowledge than me. Thank you
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    Paying Council Tax online

    Hello everyone, Could I seek some advise please. Its looking like the travel restrictions may mean that I am unable to visit Marmaris in April. I always go down to the office on the sea front and pay my house tax in cash. Can anyone tell me if its possible to do it over the internet and if so...
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    metal work

    Just thought I would ask and see if anyone knows where one could get some small pieces of metal re chromed and a piece of metal reshaped in the Marmaris area. Thank you.
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    Name change TAPU and Bank account

    Good day all, Advice sought please. Our home is in my daughters name as is the bank account that pays the bills. She has got married and we need to change names on both. I have got original copies of birth and marriage certificates. We live in Northern Ireland and I wonder if the documents...
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    Hello, can anyone offer advice please. My digi box is broken and the one I had offered just 4 or 5 English channels. It they had almost back to back films. It's now broken and I'm being told that any I get will have to be a yearly fee. The old one I had had no such fee. I have a satellite on...
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    Advice re TV

    I have had Tv in my apartment for several years where I could get a few English chanels with a couple showing good films. Stupidly I messed about with the settings and I have deleted some of the satellite channels including the ones mentioned above. I tried doing a reset and new search but...
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    Dual passport holders

    Just wondering if anyone who holds a dual passport has used both to enter and stay in Turkey with a individual visa for each. Don't know the rights and wrongs of this but would like to hear peoples experiences if they have done so. I understand that the authorities simply check the passport...
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    Advice re marriage certificate change

    Hello everyone. My daughters apartment is in her maiden name and now that she is married the marriage certificate needs t be certified as an original. Im told something like it needs an international red stramp (if that makes sense) to allow us to get the bank account changed as well as the...
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    Turkish baths in Marmaris

    can anyone suggest the best place to get a turkish bath in marmaris and what the porice to be paid is. does it last a few hours. thanks
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    Marmaris Wifi

    on my phone im getting marmaris wifi when i scan for wifi connection. it says its open but when i try to connect i cant. anyone help. one time i did connect but then it asked for a password to log on. dont understand really. thank you
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    Cruise from Marmaris

    Has anyone ever taken a cruise from Marmaris port? Any suggestions / recommendations please
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    Visiting Fethiye

    We are going to Marmaris in May and staying for a few months. Was just looking for advice as to visiting a few places and thought of going to Fethiye for a few days. We have never been there before and indeed never really travelled around. Can anyone offer advice on getting there and where to...
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    Paying Council tax online

    Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me if I can pay the yearly council tax online. Our property is in the Armutalan area of Marmaris. If anyone who has paid online can give me the web address and talk me through it. Thanks very much. Edward
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    dual passport entry

    Good day everyone, Just wondering if any member who holds a dual passport has, since the introduction of the new electronic visa system, entered Turkey, at different times, using both passports. I know it is possible and acceptable in some other countries to benefit from using two passports...
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    frequency of visa applications

    Good day to one and all, The Visa question has been covered extensively buy may I ask another question. Is there a compulsory period of time between one visa ending and another starting. If I applied for a visa running from 1 st January to June (covering 180 days) and I stay in Turkey for...
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    Armutalan council tax

    Good day everyone, is it just me or has the rate of annual council tax reduced. For the current year I paid 165tl for the year for our 4 bedroom duplex apartmdnt and I think it was more like double that last and previous hears. Any observations would be welcomed. Dont know, maybe it has...
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    TAPU name change

    Good day everyone, Anyone able to advise on the process for changing a name on TAPU My daughter got married in the UK and needs to change the name from her maiden to married name. Advice on who can do and cost very much appreciated.
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    TAPU name change?

    Our apartment is in my daughters name and she is due to marry next month. What are the issues in respect of her pending name change and what do we need to do to have the TAPU changed. Thanks you your advice. Edward
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    Paying Council tax on line

    Good day and happy Easter to everyone, Wondering if someone could talk me through how to pay my Council tax on line, if that is possible. I have a place in Armutalan, Marmaris and have looked at the web site Marmaris Belediyesi but don't see where I can pay. Im unable to read Turkish so Im...
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    Cruise from Marmaris

    Hello all, just some advice and experience sought please. My wife and I are visiting Marmaris this year in May and again jun August. We are thinking, instead of flying home to Belfast, getting a cruise ship and returning to GB that way. My question(s) real are has anyone experience of...
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