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  1. raven

    Urgent: apartment to rent Demre Antalya

    Hi, long time since I've been bon the forum. We need an apartment in Antalya, Demre, the village is ceverli koy, heading towards Kas. My husband has been given a school transfer to the village and we need to move within this week. It would be a long term rental of at least 3 years. 2 bedroom...
  2. raven

    ISA type accounts in Turkey

    Hi Ok I am a financial dummy I know very little but we want to start saving some money each month for our retirement and for our son's university fees etc. What is a good investment account here in Turkey do they have such things as ISA's I had a look on garanti but I got lost and confused...
  3. raven

    Rotavirus Vaccine for Baby's

    We have been recommended by the hospital to buy the Rotavirus Vaccine. I am trying to work out if it is really needed or not. Has anyone given their child the vaccine or know if it is really needed or not? Thanks in advance Kerry
  4. raven

    How to stop veg from sprouting?

    How do I stop my garlic, onions and potatoes from sprouting? My garlic has just sent up green shoots and I feel I should be planting them grrr My onions and potatoes do the same, I have tried keeping them in the fridge, in a dark cool place in daylight no matter what I do they sprout. Please...
  5. raven

    What was the biggest Challenge you faced on Moving to Turkey?

    Hi I just wonder what every ones biggest challenge was in moving to Turkey. Mine has to be learning the language everything else so far has been pretty normal and easy to deal with.
  6. raven

    Internet Filtering to start 22/11/2011

    Hi I have just had a text message from vodafone saying the internet filtering will begin tomorrow on the 22/11 if you wish to accept it go to Does anyone know if this means its not complusorry or not.
  7. raven

    TTnet issues?

    Hi We currently use TTnet and especially at the weekends we find that we lose the internet connection and can be down for 2 to 3 hours at a time. We also have periods where the connection is very slow. I am trying to work out if its a local connection issue or if this is just an overall issue...
  8. raven

    Military Service Question

    Not sure if anyone will know the answer to this question. If you are a Turkish Citizen and have been living out side of Turkey but have not yet completed your Military Service will that person need to complete their Military Service upon re entry to Turkey?
  9. raven

    Dyslexia training to be mandatory in Initial Teacher Training - e-petitions

    Hi Everyone Dyslexia training to be mandatory in Initial Teacher Training - e-petitions I very rarely ask anything of anyone but today I am asking you to sign an e-petition that is very close to my heart. I am dyslexic and I work very hard to cover up that fact in order not to ridiculed by my...
  10. raven

    Best place to live in Izmir

    Next year we will be starting to plan to head back nearer to home and we are planning to settle in Izmir. My husbands home town is Dikili so Izmir seems a good option for us as we we will be only two hours drive from Dikili. I would like some ideas on where the best places in Izmir are to...
  11. raven

    RP and Birth Cert

    Went to renew my RP and they want a copy of my birth cert and they want it translated. I told him it wasnt required and he didnt get it last year he wont back down. He said it is a new requirement as people have been using fake passports etc lets face it if they can fake a passport the can...
  12. raven

    HDMI connection/cable

    Hi Hoping someone here might have a bit of knowledge on HDMI connection. We have a HDMI cable that runs from our laptop to the television. It was working fine up until a week or so ago and it just stopped working the telly and the pc screens go blank when we plug the cable in. We adjust the...
  13. raven

    Man insulting Turkish Prime Minister on Facebook could serve 2 years

    Man insulting Turkish Prime Minister on Facebook could serve 2 years - Hurriyet Daily News Just crazy!
  14. raven

    Passport Picture Signing

    Hi I was silly and didn't renew my passport before I moved out her last year and I need to renew before October for my residency permit. I will need to provide pictures of course but I haven't known anyone here for the stated amount of time, though I can get my husband's headmaster to sign...
  15. raven

    Ramazan - Have a thought for thoses that are serving you on holiday

    I love this article in the Hurriyet today it really makes you think for all of you that are just here for a holiday have a thought to those in the bars, hotels and restaurants. I hope this will give some a little insight and bring more respect to those fasting this month. Observing Ramadan at...
  16. raven

    Post Office and Custom new Rule?

    Hi My parents sent me a box out for things for the baby and last year when I moved here they sent out 4 large boxes within a month and then one again at Christmas all in a short period of time. Today we phoned as my parents had sent out another box with baby stuff from friends and family and...
  17. raven

    Henna on a baby advice please

    Hi My mother in law has just shown me Henna she has brought to put on the baby when he is born. I am not happy with the situation, I am sure henna can burn the skin if it is not made up right or the wrong type of henna. She wants to put it on his feet and she indicated his private area...
  18. raven

    Wills regarding Children

    Hi With us expecting our first child I was wondering if anyone who is married to a Turkish National and have children can give me some advice regarding setting up a Will. We would like to specify that our child if anything happens to both of us that they go to a certain set of grand parents...
  19. raven

    Börek Recipes or Good Turkish baking website help please!

    Hi My Mother In Law is coming to stay on Sunday and arriving late, thought I would make Börek but the only one I know to make is spinach and cheese. As I can't get any spinach just now I thought I would make a mince Börek but I am struggling to find a good recipe. Does anyone have a recipe...
  20. raven

    Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones in Bodrum

    Just watching the news and it was showing Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones walking down the main street in Bodrum last night, they are holidaying in Bodrum didn't say how long or where they might be staying. Did anyone see them, they didn't look to happy with all the attention from the...
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